What to watch?


Today with the level of access to TV, movies, and DLC. I still find myself flipping channels, scrolling endlessly through my Netflix instant queue, or trolling on Hulu for somthing compelling, interesting, or even heartfelt to watch. Thankfully due to the social prowess of Twitter, and the ever reliable information super highway. I was able to snag a couple of recommendations, so just thought I’d pass on the fruits of my labor.

Gunslinger Girl is an anime series I only caught a glimpse of a short time ago but never watched it from the beginning. Recently I have been completely engrossed in this action oriented animation. Young girls are chosen from various circumstances be-it broken homes, foster children, or sickly young girls that would have other-wise died from their health stricken conditions. This is how the “Agency” semi morally justifies using these little girls as cyborg enhanced assassins. What makes the story so compelling is that each girl is given a trainer or handler, many of which are ex-military or assassins of some sort themselves. Here in lies the romantic tragedy.

Without giving spoilers some of the trainers develop a bond with the girls they train, most even get the opportunity of choosing which one they want. Even though these girls go through tons of conditioning mental and physical they are still young and impressionable which causes the bond to grow into more than just pupil teacher. Some view the trainers as father figures or as brothers in-so-much that they will protect them at any cost even if it means they have to disobey orders. Both season I & II can be found on Hulu and Netflix instant queue. 

If you are or were at anytime a fan of the Dynasty Warriors videogame series (because we know everything past part 3 was meh) you will love Red Cliff.

Even though its based in the classic “hostile empire take over, then seemly out numbered ban of courageous fellows gather to fight” structure. Its still a visual master piece of large scale battles, well coordinated cinematography, and the direction of John Woo in Asian cinema is brilliant. If you’ve never played the games its still has a ton of entertainment  here for you; From epic million man army battles across land and water, even manages to gracefully pull off a love story amidst the high flying kung-fu arts. For fans of the book (Romance of the Three Kingdoms). The movie trys its best to stick to the material, but ultimately falls short due to lack of character development because not enough time was spent with each one, but this is quickly over shadowed by the effort of strategy and logic placed in the opposing faction of heros, and a romantic sacrifice which while watching with my wife caused the room to get a little dusty, ahem ahem… You’ll find no magic wands, or rings of power here, although there is some over the top John woo-esque fighting to be had but nothing Crouching Tiger like to pull you out of the experience. Red Cliff is also on Netflix instant queue in HD! happy watching tell us what you think.