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We are the GeeksFTW. We are just some people who like to talk about video games, tv shows, movies, and comic books. We Cover All things Geeky!

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The Crew:

Stuart (CasualTerror) Co-Host, Video Editor,Writer, and Co-Founder.

I’ve been gaming since I was five. I got into online gaming about freshman year of high school. That lead me to finding online communities like TAG and the Gamercast Network. I try to read comic books as often as I can, mainly Spider-man and manga. Like most people nowadays I like to sit down and watch entire seasons of shows in the fewest amount of sittings possible, nothing else matters during that time. I’m also and anime fan. I own a Xbox One and a gaming PC, what else do you need. That’s me in a nutshell.



me!William (GeekWilliam) Podcast Host, Producer, Writer, and Co-Founder.

I am the Host of the Podcast and Co-Founder. I’m a Geek and Proud of it! I’ve been a gamer most my life and My favorite are Co-Op games like Borderlands, Left 4 Dead(2), and many others. I was an Actor in High School and ever since I’ve had a better appreciation for Movies and Television. I love Tech. Love all kinds of great gadgets. I am a Huge Android Fanboy. I read comics, but not as much as I should. I live in Oklahoma and there isn’t too much to do so I involve myself in Gaming, Podcasting and keeping up with the latest Geek News. I mainly play my Xbox , but am slowly getting back into PC Gaming. I’m always online whether its through a computer or my android phone.Basically I just Like what I like.