Join the Team

Join the Team!

The Geeks FTW has always been a place where we can share our thoughts about the things we are passionate about whether it is Movies, TV, Comics, Video Games, Tech or anything really.

The Geeks FTW is currently just 2 people, but we are looking to grow and add new people to the site. We want to help give fellow geeks an outlet to express themselves whether it be Reviews, News articles, Rants, or any other type of writing.

We here hope that The Geeks FTW can eventually become a premier place for geeks to come and check out all kinds of Geeky Goodness. We invite you to join us and help make that dream a reality!

Who can join the team?

We welcome a wide variety of people to come and join our site! The Geek World is huge and covers all sorts of categories. We simply just ask that you write about what you know and what you are passionate about as well as committed.

We also ask that articles be written in the writer’s own words even if you get the source from another article.

We would love for you to know how to write already, but we ourselves are not the best so we are willing to work with you and help you improve. That also means we would be looking for someone to take the responsibility of editor if they want.

Perks for Joining Us?

  • Place to voice your opinion
  • To join a great online gaming community
  • Media Passes to certain Conventions such as Pax
  • Help to Start and Host a Podcast
  • The Possibility to be a Co-Host on one of our Podcasts
  • The Occasional free game to review
  • And other Perks I’m just not thinking of right now

As the site grows and we get more content out there we do have plans to eventually offer some sort of salary or reward in the future, but in order to do anything like that we need to produce content and reason for more people to come to the site. That is where you would help out!

You Interested?

There are many roles that can be filled at our site. We are looking for an Editor, Writers, Podcast Hosts, People to Help us with Let’s Play videos, and any other way to bring great content and share the Geeky Topics that we are passionate about. You do not need to know how to edit audio, video or anything too tech savy to join us. If you are interested the best way to contact us is