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Geek Video: Powerpuff Girls meets Star Wars

Have you ever wondered what the love child of Star Wars and the Powerpuff Girls would look like? Well wonder no more because animator Lin Zy has created that for you. This is going to be a webseries and you can enjoy future episodes over at

This is the first episode.

GeeksFTW is Going Live


The GeeksFTW has some new and changing things coming in the furture. The GeeksFTW Podcast, on it’s 3rd year, is back to a live show. This time we are using instead of Ustream, because we don’t like ads that completly intrupt the show. So please join us every Wednesday and join in the chat room. You can find the Stream at or If there is Bonus Content that will be live before the show.

We are also taking the I Recommend segement and turning that into it’s own podcast. I Recommend will be a bi-weekly podcast that will recorded live on the stream. Keep an eye on The GeeksFTW twitter to see when we will be streaming.

We are also starting a weekly game night video stream on The night of the week and the name is still being determined. At first it will be PC games only until a replacment for broken equipment can be bought. Each show will be archived at

You can view our live recording schedule at

Hope to see you in the chat.

Fan-made Batman and Superman animated shorts.


Here are a few more videos I came across that I wanted to share with you. They are from HISHEdotcom on youtube. I have instantly subscribed to him and plan on going through his collection of animated shorts. A few I’ll share here will be conversations between Batman and Superman in a cafe. I highly recommend you check out all of these along with many of his other great shorts. Enjoy!

Fan-Made CG short of Superman vs Hulk


We all have wondered who is tougher, Superman or Hulk. We all have wanted to see the two fight. Finally we get a taste of what it would look like if they did fight. Major thanks to YouTube user mhabjan for creating these amazing videos. Let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


Geeks Vs. Hipster

Click to enlarge. Leave a comment with your thoughts!
 Geeks vs Hipsters

Has Netflix Screwed the Pooch?


If you’re a Netflix customer you might have caught today’s announcement of new plans and pricing (starting now for new customers and September 1st for existing customers). Netflix has announced that they will be splitting their plans into two separate types: streaming andDVD. 

Beyonce Sued by videogame Developer Gate Five

Developer Gate Five is suing recording artist Beyonce Knowles for over (get your Dr. Evil pose ready) $100 million. The company is accusing her of “a bad faith breach of contract” over a video game they were developing, entitled Starpower: Beyonce.

“Someone’s mining my ore?!” – Watching “The Guild”

The Guild

The Guild

My friends get me hooked on all the cool stuff.

Earlier this month my friend, Amanda, came over and brought a couple of dvds with her of a show that she said we had to see. I’d heard about “The Guild” but to be honest, I had no idea what it was even about. When she mentioned that it was about gaming my ears totally perked up. She explained it was a webseries that was still running. Knowing how much I loved Dr. Horrible and all of Red vs. Blue I figured it couldn’t be too terrible.

Black Ops:First Strike costs $53.6 Million?

Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold amazingly well. There is no surprise that the First Strike Map Pack will sell pretty well. With any and all major DLC there are problems. I have found a few and decided to share before it is fixed. The first picture below shows the map pack download costing -1 Microsoft point. Well just out of curiosity I decided to see if it would work or not. The next picture shows it the required balance being 42,93,967,295 which comes out to be $53,687,091.19. This of course is going to get fixed and no one will end up buying it for that price, but I feel it is a worth wild to share to those who probably will not see it before it gets fixed. I apologize for the picture quality not being crystal clear, but I’m sure you can make out what it says. And before I post I have checked it again and the problem is fixed so you don’t have to worry. Just enjoy the mistake of Microsoft that is below.

What to watch?


Today with the level of access to TV, movies, and DLC. I still find myself flipping channels, scrolling endlessly through my Netflix instant queue, or trolling on Hulu for somthing compelling, interesting, or even heartfelt to watch. Thankfully due to the social prowess of Twitter, and the ever reliable information super highway. I was able to snag a couple of recommendations, so just thought I’d pass on the fruits of my labor.