The Waiting Game for BBC’s Sherlock

Wrong by JollyJack

Think you'll see Sherlock this fall?

If you haven’t heard the news, you might want to break out your tissues now.

Sherlock won’t be airing series 2 until 2012.

This change was announced at the end of the re-airing of “The Great Game” on BBC. I know, I know. I got all teary as well when I read the news on Den of Geek. Still, you can’t fault them too much. They’re working around “The Hobbit” production schedule and you know they want to make each of the three 1-1/2 hour episodes as excellent as possible.

Instead we’ll have to content ourselves with re-watching the first series, perhaps alternating it with episodes of Jekyll. What will you be doing while waiting for new Sherlock to hit the airwaves?

(art used with permission by Phillip M. Jackson)