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I Recommend- Episode 85


We are back with another episode! We have a lot to talk about this episode. Be sure to check out the show notes below for links to news topics we talk about!

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The GeeksFTW- Episode 132

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This week William and Stuart are joined by Jimmy aka xxAceblackxx from OpenForumRadio.com for the first half. We talk a little more on the PS4 announcement as well as Crysis 3. We also talk a bit about a real life spidey suit that gives you spidey senses, Left4Dead2, the Oscars, The Future of Marvel movies and more!

If you are looking for more from us then check out our YouTube Page for game reviews, quick looks and more. You can also check out our other Podcast I Recommend. We really want to know what you think of this episode so please let us know your thoughts. You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, TwitterFacebookStitcher Radio, send email to TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com , call our voiceline at 1-347-433-5389 (Geek-FTW) , or leave a comment below. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us. Show notes will be below. We hope you enjoy!

The Waiting Game for BBC’s Sherlock

Wrong by JollyJack

Think you'll see Sherlock this fall?

If you haven’t heard the news, you might want to break out your tissues now.

Sherlock won’t be airing series 2 until 2012.

This change was announced at the end of the re-airing of “The Great Game” on BBC. I know, I know. I got all teary as well when I read the news on Den of Geek. Still, you can’t fault them too much. They’re working around “The Hobbit” production schedule and you know they want to make each of the three 1-1/2 hour episodes as excellent as possible.

Instead we’ll have to content ourselves with re-watching the first series, perhaps alternating it with episodes of Jekyll. What will you be doing while waiting for new Sherlock to hit the airwaves?

(art used with permission by Phillip M. Jackson)

“Mrs Hudson took my skull.” – Enjoying BBC’s “Sherlock”

I’ve had several folks pipe up lately and ask for new television show recommendations and normally I can only suggest either ones they’ve seen or some that are older and not as well known (like Due South). Now I can suggest a new show that I think many folks will enjoy.


Sherlock is a BBC series that takes the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle and brings them to life in a modern setting. No, this isn’t anything like the Robert Downey Jr. movie so don’t panic. Instead, it brings in some amazing actors such as Martin Freeman as Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch (who I’d never heard of) as Sherlock Holmes to bring to life characters that many of us have loved since we were kids.

I admit that I was hesitant to watch the first episode of this show. Perhaps it was the hype. Perhaps it was the length (an hour and a half per episode is definitely not for casual watching). In any case, I finally finished watching the first full episode this week and I have to admit, I’m now hooked and want to watch the other two episodes that are currently out. The first episode “A Study in Pink” is loosely based on the first Sherlock Holmes novel “A Study in Scarlet”. The first time we encounter Sherlock Holmes is through text messages and it sets the tone for his character and the show.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

They take the character of Holmes and don’t even try to make him warm and fuzzy at all. Instead he maintains that curious detachment and connection from other people’s emotions while still displaying bursts of his own emotions at socially inappropriate times. Even Holmes remarks that he’s not a psychopath. He’s a highly functioning sociopath. Watson has been updated to modern times as well but still keeps the basic nature of the character: a doctor, recently wounded in a war, and sometimes completely thrown by Sherlock’s actions. The actors in the series, Cumberbatch and Freeman, are completely and utterly convincing as Holmes and Watson and I find myself now picturing them when I think of the characters from the novels.

The effects in the series are very few with only the wording of text messages overlaid on the screen or the discoveries brought up in text as Holmes brings out his powers of deduction. Even with the text reminding you that it’s very much a television show, it’s still easy to simply look past that and get lost in the mystery itself. By the end of the episode I was dying to know which was the right pill (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you watch it) and I actually gasped at Sherlock’s ruthlessness to get an answer from a particular man. And don’t think there’s only seriousness in this show, there’s plenty of moments where I couldn’t stop laughing. The dialogue and interactions between all of the characters is so well done that they can go from hilarious statement to serious pronouncement and you don’t mind at all!

If you were ever a fan of the original novels, if you enjoy an excellent murder mystery, or if you’re just looking for a new show to try out, I suggest you try “Sherlock”. Luckily the first season (all three episodes) was just released in the US on dvd. So put it on your queue and let me know what you think!

“We’re like the world’s gayest ninjas.” – Getting hooked on “Being Human”

Being Human Every week I meet up with a group of friends for a Stitch n Bitch and we knit, sew and otherwise craft while watching various movies and tv shows. About a month ago Amanda introduced us to a BBC show called “Being Human”. The basic plot of the show is about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost who all live together in the same house and try to find a way to “be human” and fit in with normal people.

I was hooked from the first episode watching a rather hilarious moment involving George, the werewolf, having problems trying to find a spot in the woods to “Change”. After laughing hysterically at that bit I found that I wanted to see the rest of the series. Within a week I had it at the top of my Netflix queue and was happily watching Series One. Like many BBC series, each season is short (this one was only 6 episodes!) but I was captivated by every moment.

Let’s just say I’d much rather watch 6 amazing episodes of a series and feel like I was part of the story than watch the third season of True Blood drag on like it did.

The lore of the supernatural is a little different in this series than often portrayed in other media. For example, Mitchell, the vampire, can go out in the sunlight though he prefers to wear sunglasses to shield his eyes. Vampires also have a very low body temperature that they are all too aware of. You often see Mitchell wearing coats and fingerless gloves to keep warm. Religious symbols and speech do affect them as well as the infamous stake through the heart.

The way that Mitchell describes the change from human to werewolf is captivating. I’d always thought that the change must be painful. After all, your bones are changing shape along with your organs. All of that combined never seemed to be a happy process to me. In the series it’s described as a combination of a heart attack, massive organ failure, tearing and reforming. George’s screams of pain during the change only accent that every time it happens on screen. In the series, the virus (for lack of a better term) can be spread through scratches from a werewolf.

Ghost are very similar to regular lore. They usually appear in the clothes that they died in and are here for a purpose, either to complete something that was unfinished in their lives or to experience something they hadn’t before dying. They can be seen by other supernatural creatures but not by most regular humans. Annie “haunts” the house that she and her fiancé, Owen, rented before her death and she is extremely happy when both George and Mitchell move in and can see her.

I just finished watching Series One last night and I’m going to have to rewatch the last episode to catch a few things that I missed. I already have Series Two ready on my queue (all three discs in a row!) and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Mitchell, George and Annie.

On a somewhat more girly note, Russell Tovey who plays George is so adorable that I find myself alternately face palming and wanting to hug him. Aidan Turner plays Mitchell and I have to admit, though my most recent vampire crush was tall, pale, blond and Swedish I can easily add the darker and rougher Mitchell to my list of “drool worthy” vampires.

The series has an extremely good mix of humor, drama, action and character development that keeps your attention no matter which character is on screen. While British humor may not be to everyone’s taste I think that this series might be worth trying even if you aren’t normally a fan. Let me know what you think of it after watching an episode or two!

Episode 15-The Doctor is Back

We are back this week and we are talking about the hit BBC show Doctor Who. We get deep into season 5,maybe a little too deep, and discuss the rumor of a big budget Doctor Who Movie.  This episode is just with Stuart and myself.  We do want to warn our listeners who have been watching Doctor Who on BBC America that there are some Spoilers of the end of the season. We Highly recommend you wait till you have watch the last episode before you listen. We do ask that you leave feedback. Leave us an iTunes Review, Email us at TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com , Leave a comment here, or leave us feedback on our Facebook Page. With that said we hope you enjoy another episode of The GeeksFTW!

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Johnny Depp as the Doctor?

The word on the web is Russell T. Davies is said to have written a script for a big budget movie for the hit BBC show Doctor Who that is set to release in 2012. Actor Johnny Depp has been cast as the role of The Doctor. With that said who is going to be his companion? Why couldn’t David Tennant have stared in it? So many questions that needs and hopefully will be answered soon.

I will not go into full length detail on this post. To find out more you can visit the source below, or stay tuned to our Doctor Who Season 5 episode of GeeksFTW! This episode will most likely be episode 15 so make sure you subscribe to us on iTunes,Zune, or RSS reader.

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