Star Trek 45th Anniversary Creation Con – One Trekkie’s Musings

Elf and the Klingons

Elf and the Klingons

This past weekend I had the chance to attend the 45th Anniversary Star Trek Creation Convention here inNashville (Thanks again, Cass!). Considering that it’s been at least 11 years since I’d been to a Creation Con (back when I was still blonde) I was curious and excited to attend. For the past 7 years the conventions I’ve attended have been along the lines of Dragon*Con and GMX. From what I remembered about the Creation Cons I went to inSan Francisco, I knew it wouldn’t be anything like that but I was still looking forward to seeing the differences. 

Creation Conventions are the type that travel with a specific guest lineup. This one was full of Star Trek guests which made my Trekkie heart leap (it’s been awhile since I was surrounded by Trekkies) and had the headliner of William Shatner. True to what I remembered there was a general admission cost which got you into the main ballroom where the only stage happened to be. Photo op and autograph packages had to be bought up front as well and you had a choice of a Gold or Silver package (which were a few hundred dollars) or you could pick and choose your favorite actors.

Andorian and Gorn

Not a smart idea....

If you hit up a Creation Con (at least the Star Trek ones) expecting there to be multiple panels at the same time like at Dragon*Con you’ll be disappointed. There’s typically one main room where all that stuff happens and that’s it. There’s also a dealer room and a separate place for the photo ops.

This particular convention was indeed smaller than I remember the ones in San Francisco being, but that may have been due to the location (Nashville as opposed to SF) and the lack of advertising (I hadn’t even known about it till a week and a half before). The dealer room was a bit of a surprise with the lack of vendors but I still found myself coming home with loot. I did get a chance to meet Max Grodénchik who played Rom in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He was extremely awesome and I was pretty darn excited to shake the hand of one of my favorite Ferengi. Though I couldn’t afford to meet Shatner it was definitely an experience hearing him talk and I can now saw I was at least in the same room with him.

The other highlight of the convention was seeing friends and folks in awesome costumes. If you’re curious you can click here to check out the photos I took at the convention.

So that was my experience at the Star Trek Creation Con this past weekend. If nothing else it got me to realize I need to get my con legs back in less than a month so I’ll be ready for Dragon*Con next month!

Have you been to a Creation Convention (and not just Star Trek)? What were your thoughts? If not, what’s your favorite convention that you’ve attended?