Mass Effect 2:New DLC revealed!

 The Playstation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 was patched today, accidentally revealing the existence of another DLC adventure. Mass Effect 2’s final downloadable content pack has been named.
Titled Arrival, it will come with three new Achievements titled ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’, ‘Covert Action’ and ‘Last Stand‘, according to While no details of the pack have been revealed, it will feature a character named Dr Amanda Kenson, who appeared in the final Cerberus News Network update last month. The story passage concluded that her research team discovered the existence of a race that pre-dated the Protheans.

BioWare confirmed a fourth down-loadable pack for the game earlier this year. No word on if this will be exclusive to the Playstation 3 version or not but there have been reports of achievement list too so more than likely we will see this content on Xbox live in the coming days.