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A Cautionary Tale From The World of DayZ

I’m still somewhat new to DayZ. I have trouble just finding supplies to live let alone defend myself. I was at the military base just north of Kamenka, being very pleased with

Confessions of a First Time Convention-goer (GenConer)

Last weekend was GenCon. I’ve never been to any type of convention or expo or anything like that. I had next to no idea of what to expect. I want to talk

The Most Expensive Pre-order Edition Ever

Next week the highly anticipated Saint’s Row IV hits the shelves. The game has a couple special editions for sale like the Wub Wub Editions and the Commander and Chief Editions but

Xbox One Will No Longer Require A Kinect To Work

Yesterday IGN posted new questions in their ongoing AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) article. One of the answers will come to great relieve to some. The question was “Since Kinect must be plugged

Microsoft Announces Home Gold For The Xbox One

When Microsoft did a flip flop on their DRM, here in at The GeeksFTW didn’t like the fact that we were, in turn, losing the family sharing plan. Microsoft has announced the

Some Things That the Internet is Wrong About the Xbox One

    When the internet first learned about the Xbox One and their DRM restrictions, it was met with immediate hate by a vast major of the outspoken. Some of the hate was

The MMO Geek: This week in MMO’s…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the MMO community, and as always, I try to stay abreast of as much of it as possible! I’d like to discuss a few

The MMO Geek: You got your TV show in my MMO!

The first time I read that Star Wars was being made into an MMO, I was giddy. The same went for Lord of the Rings and Age of Conan. All of these

The MMO Geek: What to look forward to at PAX East

Gaming conventions are a curious thing for me. A lot of times you cannot fully appreciate them unless you are there, taking in the sights and sounds. Gaming companies usually go all

The MMO Geek: Hello there!

    Hello folks, and welcome to my new MMO Geek series of articles here on GeeksFTW! I want to thank William and Scott for affording me the opportunity to discuss all