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iOS App Now Available

We now have a podcast app available for iOS. Since Apple’s new policy stand alone podcast apps haven’t been able to be released. The good folks at Wizzard Media have helped find a solution. The Podcast Box is an app totally free on iTunes. It allows podcast apps to be purchased within the Podcast Box App. The GeeksFTW! app is $1.99 and available in the free podcast box app. Features include easy ways to Contact and Provide feedback the various ways there are, Stream or download podcast episodes, and access to our Bonus Content which we put out frequently. This is a great way to support the show, and our Bonus Content. And if you own an Android Device you can find our Android App by Clicking Here. We Will continue to provide Bonus Content for the Podcast App Owners. Be sure to let us know if you picked up the app!

Source: Podcast Box

We Want Your Feedback

We say this time and time again that Your Feedback helps. It really does.  It lets us know how we appear to you. We have tried different things in the past. We created I Recommend and Geek Question of the Week. We thought these would be different things that our listeners would enjoy. What do you think of these different segments? Do you Like them? Hate them? Have Suggestions?

We talk about Video Games, Movies, Television, Tech, Comics, and more. What are you interested in? What topics would you like to hear more about? I’m posting this article to show that we really do want your feedback. It helps us know what to do and what not to do. It helps us grow as a podcast, and it can help attract more listeners and expand.  We know you have your own thoughts and opinions. Let us know what they are.

You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, Twitter, Facebook, send email to , call our voiceline at 1-347-GeekFTW(433-5389) , or leave a comment below. If your reading this then we ask to please take a couple minutes and let us know what you think. We want to know the good and the bad.

I recommend: Movie Night!

Hey All. I am setting up a bi-weekly I recommend Movie Night!. Its for anyone who has Netflix and a Xbox 360.  Next Wednesday at 7CST/8EST will be the first one ever. We will be watching Kick-Ass. The day and time isn’t set in stone. I mean next week will be but might be on a different day and time the following weeks. There are currently 7 spots available.  Best way to reserve your spot is to comment on this post. I will tweet right before the Movie Night and if we have free spots available then I will inform everyone who follows me on my twitter account.  And you can send me suggestions for the next movie night on twitter, comment here, or send us an email at We hope you can make it!

Deal of the Week!

Onlive is having a crazy deal. If you buy any game that is $10 or more you get a choice of a few goodies. You get a coupon for 100% off towards another game, an onlive game system, or an onlive wireless controller. This seems like a great way and cheap way to give Onlive a try.  I plan on taking advantage of this deal. And the deal ends Saturday 1 A.M. PDT so you still have a few days to take advantage of this.

Source: Onlive

Show Delayed

We were hoping to have a recording at the end of each night of E3 press conferences, but the schedule is crazy this year. All but Nintendo’s is today. We are going to have our Post-E3 show on Wednesday night. We will have it on Ustream and we encourage you to come, listen, and give us your opinion of E3. Be sure to follow our twitter to get the link for the live show. And if you can’t make it then feel free to leave a comment and let us know what E3 news has your excited!

Mystery Contest

I love contest more then the next guy. What I am tired of is the same old contest. Leave a review on iTunes and win a $20 game card of your choosing or game of your choosing. Then there is the Follow me on twitter and RT my tweet to win. All of those are boring and ultimately the winner could be someone who did that just for the contest and isn’t even a fan of your site or podcast. That why I am going to run a surprise contest. The contest starts now and when it ends is a mystery. What do you have to do to win? That too is a mystery. The best way to be qualified for it and get a chance to win is simply be a fan of the site/podcast. Follow us on twitter, facebook, come to the Ustream live recordings, and leave feedback. Feedback doesn’t necessarily mean iTunes reviews. A simple email to , a tweet, a comment on Facebook, or even leave a voice message on our voiceline at 1-347-433-5389. Owning the Android app wouldn’t hurt either(and soon to be iPhone app) There will be multiple winners. This is a contest to simply reward the people who are active listeners, supporters, followers, and loyal fans. I am aware that this is a weird contest but we Geeks are weird so its perfect! I am still working on the details for the prizes. Trying to find something unique and something fans would enjoy greatly. Do you have an idea? Be sure to let us know! And remember any moment you could be a winner!

The Next I Recommend Pick

The last episode of The GeeksFTW! we did not have a I Recommend section. I unfortunately have to say we will not have one next week either, but the week of June 13th we will return to our normal show style. This will include I recommend and the Geek Question of the Week. Pay attention to our twitter to find out what the question will be.  As for I recommend it is my pick. Finally netflix has put out the cult classic movie The Crow with the late Brandon Lee(son of Bruce Lee) on Instant Watch.  If this is your first time watching it then use the link I provided. There are a few sequels to The Crow but they are horrible. I wanted to post this to make sure no one watches those sequels on accident. Now all who wanted time to watch our picks before then show will have plenty of time to watch this movie. I will have lots to say about this movie. I’ve been waiting to talk about this since we started the Podcast so you’ll want to watch to know what I am talking about. And as always shoot us an email, tweet or comment about what you think of the movie, suggestions, or anything else you want to let us know. We value your feedback!

Geek Month FTW!

I will keep this short and simple. Today start what I am now calling The Geek Month FTW! I will be posting at least one article every day for this month. And this article doesn’t count for todays. I know that would be cheating. My hopes are to jump start the site and encourage the other writers to write more often to provide the readers a reason to visit the site daily. I welcome any and all comments on my articles. Is this article relevant to you? Were you informed? Were you entertained? And anything else you would like to comment on. I now have to write my first article. So I leave you with a quote from my OFRN Brother-en. Lets Get It!

Podcast Problems-Epic Fail

We totally failed. We had some technical problems and our show we did on Monday is lost somewhere and we can not find it. We will try to get something out this week but the full crew will be back next week at our normal time. It pays to come the the Ustream live recording!  Below we will leave the show notes of what we discussed and links to the topics. Once again be sure to pick up our android app. The android App includes special bonus content that can only be found on the android app or you can tune in to our live show. Show notes with links will be below. You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, Twitter, Facebook, send email to , call our voiceline at 1-347-GeekFTW(433-5389) , or leave a comment below. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us.

Excellent Customer Support

In todays world it seems that companies have been very lacking in Customer Support. Many companies have outsourced their Customer Support overseas. I have nothing against other countries, but its very frustrating when you have a problem and the communication between you and the Customer Support Representative can’t understand each other. Well Luckily for you Geeks out there because there are some companies that have great customer service that might surprise you!