The Next I Recommend Pick

The last episode of The GeeksFTW! we did not have a I Recommend section. I unfortunately have to say we will not have one next week either, but the week of June 13th we will return to our normal show style. This will include I recommend and the Geek Question of the Week. Pay attention to our twitter to find out what the question will be.  As for I recommend it is my pick. Finally netflix has put out the cult classic movie The Crow with the late Brandon Lee(son of Bruce Lee) on Instant Watch.  If this is your first time watching it then use the link I provided. There are a few sequels to The Crow but they are horrible. I wanted to post this to make sure no one watches those sequels on accident. Now all who wanted time to watch our picks before then show will have plenty of time to watch this movie. I will have lots to say about this movie. I’ve been waiting to talk about this since we started the Podcast so you’ll want to watch to know what I am talking about. And as always shoot us an email, tweet or comment about what you think of the movie, suggestions, or anything else you want to let us know. We value your feedback!