Mystery Contest

I love contest more then the next guy. What I am tired of is the same old contest. Leave a review on iTunes and win a $20 game card of your choosing or game of your choosing. Then there is the Follow me on twitter and RT my tweet to win. All of those are boring and ultimately the winner could be someone who did that just for the contest and isn’t even a fan of your site or podcast. That why I am going to run a surprise contest. The contest starts now and when it ends is a mystery. What do you have to do to win? That too is a mystery. The best way to be qualified for it and get a chance to win is simply be a fan of the site/podcast. Follow us on twitter, facebook, come to the Ustream live recordings, and leave feedback. Feedback doesn’t necessarily mean iTunes reviews. A simple email to , a tweet, a comment on Facebook, or even leave a voice message on our voiceline at 1-347-433-5389. Owning the Android app wouldn’t hurt either(and soon to be iPhone app) There will be multiple winners. This is a contest to simply reward the people who are active listeners, supporters, followers, and loyal fans. I am aware that this is a weird contest but we Geeks are weird so its perfect! I am still working on the details for the prizes. Trying to find something unique and something fans would enjoy greatly. Do you have an idea? Be sure to let us know! And remember any moment you could be a winner!