iOS App Now Available

We now have a podcast app available for iOS. Since Apple’s new policy stand alone podcast apps haven’t been able to be released. The good folks at Wizzard Media have helped find a solution. The Podcast Box is an app totally free on iTunes. It allows podcast apps to be purchased within the Podcast Box App. The GeeksFTW! app is $1.99 and available in the free podcast box app. Features include easy ways to Contact and Provide feedback the various ways there are, Stream or download podcast episodes, and access to our Bonus Content which we put out frequently. This is a great way to support the show, and our Bonus Content. And if you own an Android Device you can find our Android App by Clicking Here. We Will continue to provide Bonus Content for the Podcast App Owners. Be sure to let us know if you picked up the app!

Source: Podcast Box