Excellent Customer Support

In todays world it seems that companies have been very lacking in Customer Support. Many companies have outsourced their Customer Support overseas. I have nothing against other countries, but its very frustrating when you have a problem and the communication between you and the Customer Support Representative can’t understand each other. Well Luckily for you Geeks out there because there are some companies that have great customer service that might surprise you!

When I have a problem I normally do not try to reach out to companies. I just don’t like the hassle. Some companies have adjusted with the time and technology. Some companies now have twitter accounts for customer support. This is a really smart idea. I personally have been shocked by this. I have complained about an issue and shortly after been contacting by a customer support twitter account of some kind. ¬†And almost every time they have been able to help and get my issue resolved. This article is mainly to let you know that this is a real thing and companies are using twitter to help their customers out. The best ones I have found are Kmartgamer, XboxSupport, T-mobile, PlayOn, and AT&T(no link) has a twitter account that provides customer support. There are many more I’m sure but personally these have helped me out or answered a question for me. If any of these companies are relevant to you then follow their twitter accounts. They seriously help get your issues resolved.