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Score 26 Steam games for $1 with the Dollar Forever Bundle


Simply put that has a bundle of 26 steam games for just $1. You read that correctly. And they have Steam Trading cards so you can probably make a profit if you are into those things. The games are not the most well known, but 26 games for just 4 quarters is a pretty good deal. These games would normally be over $100 combined.  I would check them out. Link will be below as well as the games list.

Help us Expand at The GeeksFTW!


The GeeksFTW is a passion project. Stuart and I (William) took our love for the Geek Culture and created this site and a few podcasts. We currently have 2 podcasts that are still going, but in total there has been 4 podcasts that have seen at least a couple episodes. It seems that Stuart and I haven’t been doing the most we could with the resources we have currently. I will say it is tough when it is just 2 of us doing everything. This is why we are looking for more people to join us at

Like I said before this is a passion project of ours, but we would love to turn this into so much more. We currently are unable to pay anyone, but we can offer a few great perks such as:

  • Place to voice your opinion
  • To join a great online gaming community
  • Media Passes to certain Conventions such as Pax
  • Help to Start and Host a Podcast
  • The Possibility to be a Co-Host on one of our Podcasts
  • The Occasional free game to review
  • And other Perks I’m just not thinking of right now

There are many roles that can be filled at our site. We are looking for an Editor, Writers, Podcast Hosts, People to Help us with Let’s Play videos, and any other way to bring great content and share the Geeky Topics that we are passionate about. You do not need to know how to edit audio, video or anything too tech savy to join us. If you are interested the best way to contact us is

Join The GeeksFTW!

!!!Featured Image

Who We are?: Right now it is just Stuart and Myself(William). We are geeks who enjoy everything that is involved in the world of Geek. We love video games, movies, TV, Comics, Technology, and whatever else. We have had people come and go from the site, but right now it is just the two of us and we are looking for more people to join us.

Why Join Us?: There is no real reason. We don’t have money to pay you, but we do have a platform for you to express your thoughts on the things you like to geek out over. We have the website where you can write articles, we have a YouTube page where you can post videos, and we have a server where you can start your own podcast without paying for hosting.

Why We want Help?:  Two people can’t cover all the topics in the world of geek, but we want the site to cover more then what we two can cover. We also want to give our listeners/viewers more reason to come to the site and hopefully build a community around the geek world.

Where to Conact us?: You can send an email to and let us know what you want to do for the site or any ideas you might have. We certainly want to help others have a way to express themselves whether it is writing, podcasting, or anything else. It is all for fun right now, but we have plans on rewarding those who help out some way. So feel free to join us in Covering All things Geeky.

GeeksFTW is Going Live


The GeeksFTW has some new and changing things coming in the furture. The GeeksFTW Podcast, on it’s 3rd year, is back to a live show. This time we are using instead of Ustream, because we don’t like ads that completly intrupt the show. So please join us every Wednesday and join in the chat room. You can find the Stream at or If there is Bonus Content that will be live before the show.

We are also taking the I Recommend segement and turning that into it’s own podcast. I Recommend will be a bi-weekly podcast that will recorded live on the stream. Keep an eye on The GeeksFTW twitter to see when we will be streaming.

We are also starting a weekly game night video stream on The night of the week and the name is still being determined. At first it will be PC games only until a replacment for broken equipment can be bought. Each show will be archived at

You can view our live recording schedule at

Hope to see you in the chat.

Aftermath: Our Unsuccessful Kickstarter

!!!Featured Image

First I want to thank all who pledged to our Kickstarter. We were unsuccessful so none of you will be charged the amount you pledged. I wanted to write a short little article to Thank everyone, remind what our goal was, and what we will do next.

Our goal was to be able to get the equipment needed bring a lot more content to the podcast as well as website. We mainly wanted to add video content to the site in a variety of ways. A few ideas were a Quick looks on Video Games, Video reviews on Video Games, some sort of video tech show, and a few other ideas that we haven’t fully thought out. We simply wanted to grow The GeeksFTW! into something bigger then it is currently.

We are still looking into doing some new things for the site and will try our best to give you a reason to visit the site each and every day. If some of you want to help us out you can! When you purchase things from amazon we ask you to first click on our Amazon Banner on the side and shop as you normally would. Also you can click on our Audible banner and sign up for a free trial. These are ways to help us and get something for yourself in return. We take pride in the fact that we don’t have a paypal donation button.

Once again we want to thank all of you who helped out. We also want to thank all of you who are reading this right now, and ask you keep bookmarked, in your RSS Reader, or just visit the site often. We hope content worthy of your time very soon!

Kickstarter: The Final 3 Weeks


We started our Kickstarter page as a sort of joke, but after time went on I got serious about it. I spend lots of time looking at other Kickstarters and see that many other Podcast projects get up to $136,000. We already do the podcast as it is and are fine with that. We are wanting to have the opportunity to expand our media distribution from just a podcast to much more.

What do we want to do besides the podcast?

  1. I would love to be able to review Android apps. I am a huge Android Fanboy and would love to be able to share the amazing things to do on Android.
  2.  There are many topics I would love to talk about on the podcast, but the time doesn’t allow it so I would love to do a video show where I discuss More Geek News that couldn’t make it to our weekly podcast.
  3. Stuart and I would both like to be able to do video game reviews as well as quick looks to give our opinions on the newest games.
  4. We would also like to be able to enhance the current podcast quality. We try to put out the best we can, but we would love to improve the quality even better then it is currently.
  5. We would also love to be able to stream the show live while we record. We want to be able to have live listener participation.

There are many other things we want to do. Our problem is we are a small site. Stuart and I are unable to shell out the money in order to do all the stuff we want to do. Kickstarter is a way to get a lot of people to give a little and help a whole lot. Our Kickstarter has 3 weeks left and we are asking for your help.

How Can you Help?

  1. Pledge any amount. $1, $5, $15, $25, $50 or anything in between or more. Any amount will earn you a reward. If you pledge high enough you get every reward below your amount.
  2. Spread the word. Help us out by letting your friends on Facebook know, tweet about it, if your a podcaster then tell your listeners, or any other way you have to let others know.

On a personal note: I have had a lot of problems happen recently and I feel like doubling down on the Podcast and website. Getting our Kickstarter funded would help out tremendously towards helping us spread our geek footprint on the web. And if we don’t reach our goal we don’t get anything and will remain on Kickstarter as a failure. So we are asking all you geeks out there to help us expand our Geekyness on the web.

Our Kickstarter can be found at Help give a small podcast/website have a chance to grow. We thank you in advance for any help!

Get Geek Shirt Now and Save $10

Read this carefully. We want anyone who buys our shirts to save as much as they can. We have a new coupon code that is really good. $10 off a shirt. Its only good for one shirt per order. If you are thinking of more then 1 shirt then it is cheapest to do more then one order because you can use the code for both shirts since it is good for one shirt per order. This coupon is good till 7/16. The code is 4SK0709. Going to repeat that the code is good for one shirt per order so it is cheaper to buy 1 shirt per order so you save $10 on each shirt. And alas Click Here to go to our cafepress store to purchase your GeeksFTW shirt(s).


GeeksFTW Shirts and more!


We now have shirts!. They can be found at Our CafePress site. Be sure to show off your Geek Pride with one of these shirts. There are a variety of shirts and colors that you can choose to have TheGeeksFTW logo. Don’t want green? Then grab a red or blue shirt. There are also Hoodies and other stuff, but we mainly did this for the shirts. Right now we have a 20% off your entire order coupon code: THREESK0702. This offers ends 07/09/2011. Take advantage of this offer now. We have no clue when we will get another coupon code.

We don’t want to ask for any donations from anyone, but picking this shirt up will help support TheGeeksFTW and you get a really spiffy shirt. And everyone needs to wear shirts so why not pick up this one? If you do end up picking one up send us a picture of you wearing it at and we might post it on the site.

Source: CafePress

Join the Geeky Crew

We are going to have some cool things coming real soon for the website, but before it happens we are putting the offer on the table for you to join our Geeky Crew. We would love to have some writers to help put more content on the website. Writers also get their own section on the We Are Geeks podcast. We are also looking for people who can bring a couple new ideas. We are always looking to do something new or different. If you are interested in joining the Geeky Crew then simply email us at And don’t be afraid. We wont bite. We are looking to do some really interesting and cool things and would love to have more people in on it.

Happy Father’s Day!

We here at The GeeksFTW want to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! We know how hard Dads work to give their family a better life. To all those who live with or near your father you should take today and let him know how you feel. We hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day!