Help us Expand at The GeeksFTW!


The GeeksFTW is a passion project. Stuart and I (William) took our love for the Geek Culture and created this site and a few podcasts. We currently have 2 podcasts that are still going, but in total there has been 4 podcasts that have seen at least a couple episodes. It seems that Stuart and I haven’t been doing the most we could with the resources we have currently. I will say it is tough when it is just 2 of us doing everything. This is why we are looking for more people to join us at

Like I said before this is a passion project of ours, but we would love to turn this into so much more. We currently are unable to pay anyone, but we can offer a few great perks such as:

  • Place to voice your opinion
  • To join a great online gaming community
  • Media Passes to certain Conventions such as Pax
  • Help to Start and Host a Podcast
  • The Possibility to be a Co-Host on one of our Podcasts
  • The Occasional free game to review
  • And other Perks I’m just not thinking of right now

There are many roles that can be filled at our site. We are looking for an Editor, Writers, Podcast Hosts, People to Help us with Let’s Play videos, and any other way to bring great content and share the Geeky Topics that we are passionate about. You do not need to know how to edit audio, video or anything too tech savy to join us. If you are interested the best way to contact us is