Aftermath: Our Unsuccessful Kickstarter

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First I want to thank all who pledged to our Kickstarter. We were unsuccessful so none of you will be charged the amount you pledged. I wanted to write a short little article to Thank everyone, remind what our goal was, and what we will do next.

Our goal was to be able to get the equipment needed bring a lot more content to the podcast as well as website. We mainly wanted to add video content to the site in a variety of ways. A few ideas were a Quick looks on Video Games, Video reviews on Video Games, some sort of video tech show, and a few other ideas that we haven’t fully thought out. We simply wanted to grow The GeeksFTW! into something bigger then it is currently.

We are still looking into doing some new things for the site and will try our best to give you a reason to visit the site each and every day. If some of you want to help us out you can! When you purchase things from amazon we ask you to first click on our Amazon Banner on the side and shop as you normally would. Also you can click on our Audible banner and sign up for a free trial. These are ways to help us and get something for yourself in return. We take pride in the fact that we don’t have a paypal donation button.

Once again we want to thank all of you who helped out. We also want to thank all of you who are reading this right now, and ask you keep bookmarked, in your RSS Reader, or just visit the site often. We hope content worthy of your time very soon!