Join The GeeksFTW!

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Who We are?: Right now it is just Stuart and Myself(William). We are geeks who enjoy everything that is involved in the world of Geek. We love video games, movies, TV, Comics, Technology, and whatever else. We have had people come and go from the site, but right now it is just the two of us and we are looking for more people to join us.

Why Join Us?: There is no real reason. We don’t have money to pay you, but we do have a platform for you to express your thoughts on the things you like to geek out over. We have the website where you can write articles, we have a YouTube page where you can post videos, and we have a server where you can start your own podcast without paying for hosting.

Why We want Help?:  Two people can’t cover all the topics in the world of geek, but we want the site to cover more then what we two can cover. We also want to give our listeners/viewers more reason to come to the site and hopefully build a community around the geek world.

Where to Conact us?: You can send an email to and let us know what you want to do for the site or any ideas you might have. We certainly want to help others have a way to express themselves whether it is writing, podcasting, or anything else. It is all for fun right now, but we have plans on rewarding those who help out some way. So feel free to join us in Covering All things Geeky.