US Deal of the Day

I struggled last week to find any deals that I felt were suitable for this post. Thanks again to Henry Knox I am instead writing this post with several (hopefully) great deals.

Today’s Amazon Gold Box video game deals are, if the prices are competitive, very good deals. Listed below are the games and times that they will become active.

8:00am PST “Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat” – Turtle Beach X11s.

9:00am PST “Red Dead Redemption’s DLC Bundled pack” – The Undead Nightmare DLC bundle. It includes all of the DLC released so far.

11:00am PST “TB headset for PS3” – One of the Turtle Beach headsets.

12:00pm PST “The latest installment of an epic sports franchise” – Madden, NBA 2k, NHL 2k? This one is anybodies guess.

2:00pm PST “High fidelity 5.1-/7.1-channel Dolby digital surround sound for PS3” – I have no idea. It sounds good though.

4:00pm PST “Fierce Ninja action comes to the PS3 and Xbox 360” – I imagine this would be Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

5:00pm PST “Game audio + Xbox Live chat” – Possibly the Xbox headset and Chatpad bundle?

6:00pm PST “A very complete GTA” – GTA IV with all the DLC included.

8:00pm PST “Are you afraid of the dark?” – Possibly Alan Wake?

Here is the link for the goldbox deals. Remember they only last around an hour so get in there quick!