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Deals of the week (App Store)

iPhone App Store Sale!

This week EA and Gameloft are having a big sale on a variety of their best selling iOS games. I’ve gone through a list of many of the best games that are on sale an the list is as follows!

Update: The list now also includes Capcom games on sale!

Got Sin? There’s an app for that: Roman Catholic Church approves Confessional App

Are you a sinner? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. The Roman Catholic Church has approved a recent iTunes addition called Confession, a $1.99 app that bills itself as “the perfect aid for every penitent.”

Gears of War: Exile

Epic Games apparently has another Gears of War in development. This past week they filed a trademark for the name Gears of War: Exile. The trademark applications (via Siliconera) include an image of a proposed logo (above). The trademark was filed for use with t-shirts, a series of computer game hint books and instruction manuals, and video game software. In other words, we’re talking about a game and not simply a novel or comic book.

Android Vs iPhone Vs Blackberry?

This is a little comic image that has been going around the internet, mainly the smartphone review sites, and I for one find it hilarious. Honestly I do not know who was the first person to post this so I sadly can’t give credit, but its all over the tech sites. I personally think this is pretty accurate. Many people know I am a loyal Android fan/ user. I use to be a blackberry guy before that and own an iPod Touch so I’ve had experience with all platforms. Mainly I wanted to share this to hopefully give you a good laugh. With that said I am interested if you think this seems accurate or not. Leave a comment giving your opinion.

Android Vs. Apple

I am a geek which means I love my gadgets. I have owned a variety of phones and mp3 players throughout the years. I’ve had Sidekicks,Blackberries,Zune,iPods, Android phone, and many more. This article is mainly going to focus on the software for Android and Apple.


Android(MyTouch 3G)- I love the ability to customize my phone. I have The GeeksFTW! logo as my background, google search with voice search widget, weather widget, battery widget, and a widget that displays my Xbox Live Avatar right next to my icons.Also there are many free and pay for themes. Along with customization I love the easy integration with my Gmail. All my phone contacts are saved on my Gmail and I can import and export between my phone and my Gmail. I also love the status bar where I can drag down and view any messages I might have whether its Email, SMS, Twitter, or whatever and click on it to take me to view it. I also being able to use folders to store my apps. For example: Create a Social folder and store the Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else I want. Then I can just tap the folder and open the app I want from there. I can upgrade the storage memory for my phone by getting a bigger Micro SD card. And multi-tasking is great.

Apple iPhone/iPod Touch- The support for the app store is way better since its been around a lot longer. And more support for the app store brings better games. There are tons of great free games and pay for games on the apple app store.The iTunes software and the media player is a lot better then the Android media player. I love the ability to use Multi-touch for zooming,typing and other features. Typing is a lot easier because of the Multi-touch. I really like the dock bar that keeps 4 apps that you choose on the bottom of the home screens. The pricing for the apps are consistent in the way of its either free or in variations of $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, and etc. Also there are App gift cards that can be added for store credit for future purchases. Its great for kids who don’t have credit cards or people who do not want to store their credit cards on their devices for whatever reason. And apps being part of the total storage on the device.


I have both devices and most of the time carry around both wherever I go. Since this is a comparison review I would have to go with Android as the winner. The biggest flaws for android would have to be the lack of support and the media player compared to iPhone/iPod Touch. That said I love the ability to customize my phone,upgrade my storage memory, and the integration with Gmail. As I have said each have their own flaws. And some of the features each lack will be coming soon such as Multi-touch,Multi-tasking, folders, and other features. This Geek just has to go with Android.

Episode 9- Reach for Tech News

In this episode we talk about a variety of topics. We start mainly on our impressions of the Halo: Reach beta. Then we touch on a variety of tech topics from the twitter bug to Bejeweled 2 being beaten after 3 years of playing it. These topics and many more.

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