Deals of the week (App Store)

iPhone App Store Sale!

This week EA and Gameloft are having a big sale on a variety of their best selling iOS games. I’ve gone through a list of many of the best games that are on sale an the list is as follows!

Update: The list now also includes Capcom games on sale!

This first game isn’t Gameloft or EA but deserves a spot all on it’s own…

Game Dev Story is 0.99 cents in the US and 0.59p in the UK. This is a must buy!

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Iron Man 2
Assassins Creed: Altairs Chronicles
James Cameron’s Avatar
The Oregon Trail

All of these are 0.99 Cents or 0.59p for UK folks.

The Sims 3

These are all 0.99 cents though this sale is restricted to the US. There are many more EA games on sale. Those are just a select few.

It seems like every Capcom game is on sale for 0.99 cents/0.59p. Here are a few highlights.

Phoenix Wright
Dead Rising Mobile
Street Fighter 4
Resident Evil 4
Devil May Cry 4