Review: Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)


Score: 8 out of 10

The earliest game I can remember playing involved a Plumber trying to save a princess and collecting coins along the way. There is something satisfying about collecting coins, ring, or whatever the point based items are for the game. If you like the collecting aspect of these classic platforming games then Mega Coin Squad is for you.


Mega Coin Squad is the first console game by developers Big Pixel Studios and Published by Adult Swim Games. Mega Coin Squad is a platforming coin collecting game that is fast paced. The world map is comparable to the Super Mario Bros world map. There are 4 worlds and 4 levels in each world. Grass, desert, ice, and lava are the different worlds.The first 3 levels are based on collecting a certain amount of coins. The 4th level is surviving rounds of enemies.


The goal is to collect coins and deposit them in the giant piggy bank in the level. There are other objectives that allow you to get Power Ups at the end of the level. The three objectives are collecting under a certain time per level, collecting all the coins in one bank or deposit, and not losing any lives. Each objective completed gives you a chance to hit a rotating block of different Power Ups that will strengthen your character for future play.


There are a variety of characters to choose from. They all have different stats. There are 5 characters to start off with and you can unlock a 6th that is Robot Unicorn. You unlock the Robot Unicorn by completing all levels with a character. There are achievements that focus on passing levels and completing the game with different characters. There are also a few revolved around total coins banked, time and objective based.


Mega Coins Squad is a fun but challenging game. It is available on Xbox One for $14.99. It can get pretty touch and will take time to master. This game has a lot of replay-ability with the different character, attainable achievements, and level objectives. There is a 4-Player local co-op mode, but I was unable to try this out. Overall I would recommend checking this game out if you are looking for something to play in between AAA games or looking to increase your gamerscore.