Review: Her Story (PC)


Score: 8.5 out of 10

herstoryHer story is a game from game director Sam Barlow. Who is known for Serious Sam Next Encounter, Silent Hill Origins, and Silent Hill Shattered Memories.  This is one of those games where you’re not sure whether to call this game or not. It’s crime mystery, but you don’t solve the case because it’s already been solved years ago. You are given access to a database of VHS tapes that have been digitized into video files pertaining to this one case. The videos are from multiple interviews of a woman who’s husband had gone missing. The interviews have been broken into much smaller clips that have tagged so they get find a certain quote for the court hearings. That’s what the Readme.txt file on the desktop says. The clips could be anywhere from 1 sec long clips with one word answers to 2 minutes long. Problem is that you only get half the conversation because the footage of the detectives was lost do to flooding.


ss_47f0e58df778d9f10b3df40ddce8bba8e592b1fb.600x338The way you get more clips is by typing in keywords that she says into the search box. There’s a database checker that you can pull up to see where on the timeline the clip you just watched falls and to see how many videos you have yet to watch. Like I said there is really no win, you finish the game when you are satisfied with the answers that you come up with. There’s no where to give your answer you just quit the game. There are Steam achievements and you earn the for watch certain video clips and watching 50%, 75%, and 100% of the clips. I have to get props to the actress in that game Viva Seifert for great acting. A little tip for the game pay attention to all the subtle things she doesn’t and just just watch she says.

It that’s about all that I’m willing to divulge about the game. This is one of those games that you just have to experience yourself. Although, since the games is all watching videos you can find a Let’s Player that you like and just watch them play it. I do recommend at least purchasing it for $5.99 on Steam to support more types of these games.