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Review: NBA Playgrounds


Score: 7 out of 10

We all have pleasant memories of playing NBA Jam back in the day. We have all wanted more of that and we have had some in the form of remakes. In a time where the NBA seems to be slanted towards just one team, we fans are looking for anything to make things a little easier and more fun. NBA Playgrounds seems to be inspired from NBA Jam and has a mix of Current and Classic Players in the roster. I did receive the game free for review but as always I try not to let that influence my opinion in the slightest. I will be breaking this review into 3 parts. The first will be graphics. The seconds will be gameplay. And finally the third will be performance.


The graphics are pretty solid. They are not realistic like NBA2K but most of the players look like they should and are easily identifiable. It has the typical sports arcade look to it and it works just fine. There are most of today’s biggest players from each team as well as a good amount of classic or Hall of Famer caliber players. The backgrounds are mostly colorful and very interesting to look at while your waiting to inbound the ball.


The gameplay is easy to understand and difficult to master. There are a few mechanics of the game that can be a bit frustrating to deal with while playing. There are power ups that are available after you fill up your Lottery Pick Bar. You can fill the Lottery bar buy completing dunks, steals, alley-oops and blocking shots. Some are worth more then others.The power ups include 2X in the paint, 2X 3-Pointers, Speed Boost, 12″ Timer, Star Shot and Electric Ball. Some of these are simple like 2X means those shots are worth twice as much and Speed Boost means you are able to move faster around the court. The 12″ Timer makes your Opponent’s shot clock shorter. The electric ball makes half court or closer shots always go in the hoop. The Star Shot is interesting. There will be a star on the court and when you shoot it points will be double followed by another star location with a triple multiplier followed by a third star location with a 4 times point multiplier. Some moves are not too easy to perform. Being able to steal the ball tends to be very difficult, especially when challenges require multiple steals per game. Steals seem to be a very specific timing situation because if you miss then you most likely will lose your opportunity because the game has a fast pace to it. It also should be noted that you can push, and pushing will drain your stamina.


The performance seems to be average. There doesn’t seem to be anything close to game breaking issues. It is a fast pace type of game and makes it a bit challenging to do the challenges because of the fast pace. The timing for alley-oops seem to be a little inconsistent as well as the time frame for steals. The dunking seems to be easy to figure out and master. The same can be said for shots in the paint. There isn’t much  more to say performance wise besides it runs smoothly and unless you focus on all the challenges, you won’t notice some of the issues of the game.

Overall: NBA Playgrounds is pretty good. I have sunk about 15 hours into the game so far and have about half the achievements already. An interesting note to mention, you are able to pick 2 of the same player for a team. This makes it a little easier to complete certain challenges since some players are better at certain skills then others. This is a good game to pick up and play in short gaming sessions if you don’t have long periods of time to sink into a game. It will also be something to help get you through the NBA off-season that is vastly approaching.

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Episode 1


Score: 9 out of 10

TellTale games are beloved. They are considered some of the best when it comes to storytelling. They have adapted many different franchises and most have been considered successes. Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest series that TellTale is taking on and with the 2nd movie, there is a lot of interest. This review will be simple. It will be divided into 3 parts. The first part will be Graphics

Review: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PC)

Featured Danganronpa Steam Review

Score: 9 out of 10

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc is a murder mystery visual novel developed and published by Spike Chunsoft. This game was released in Japan in November 2010 on the PSP since then it’s had numerous releases over the years on other platforms like iOS, Android, Vita and now PC. In February 2014 it was released in North America for the PSVita and as of February 18, 2016 was released on Steam.


She’s so flat. (lol)

The story goes like this. 16 students receive acceptance letters to the premiere high school, Hope’s Peak Academy. Each of these students are given the title of “Ultimate” of their given talent. Ultimate Swimming Pro, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Fanfic Creator, etc. The main character, Makoto Naegi, is the Ultimate (Un)Lucky Student since he doesn’t really have a talent but was picked from a pool of average students. Right after arriving at Hope’s Peak Academy the students are locked inside by a huge metal hatch and they find all the windows have metal plates over them. Soon they are greeted by their headmaster, a talking monochromatic bear named Monokuma (get it? Mono as in monochromatic and kuma is Japanese for bear). He tells them that if they want to “graduate”, aka get out, they have to do one thing. Get away with murder. At first they refuse but Monokuma starts introducing incentives to get out. Sure enough a murder happens. Now the surviving students have to find out “whodunnit” through a class trial. If the correct person is found guilty they are executed but they everyone gets it wrong everyone else is executed while the killer walks free out of the school.

The gameplay for the main part of the game is pretty easy. Just read and click through dialogue. It is a visual novel after all. Between trials there is free time. During this free time you can explore the school and hang out with the remaining characters. Hanging out with characters is beneficial. One, it moves the story along. You can also gain skills that’s useful during the trials as well as getting to know the character more. You get about 1 to 2 times a day of free time for about 2 to 3 days between murders.

Once a murder has occurred you enter investigation mode where you search for clues. When you find a clue is added to your “truth bullets” to be used during the class trials as a way to correct a lie or contradiction. Monokuma tells you there’s a time limit for the investigation but it’s really until you find all the clues. So you do go into each trial with all the clues you need. Which is good but a couple times it took me forever to find that last clue. Even though the game tells you which rooms the clues are in as well as everything you can click on it still took me longer than it should have but that was probably just me and not the game.

The most important parts of Danganronpa are of course the trials. That’s also where most of the gamey part of that game is. The trials are fully voiced which is very helpful because of all the things you have to keep track of. During each trial a few things will happen.

  • Non-stop debate is where charters will go around and talk about what they know. This is also where the truth bullets come into play. The 6dialogue will appear on screen and some phrases will appear yellow, called weak points, and those could be a lie or contradiction to the evidence. Sometimes the weak point said during the debate can be used as a truth bullet for another weak point. Also during the debates pink words will float around and try and block the truth bullet.
  • Hangman’s Gambit is where you need to complete a phrase by shooting letters to complete a word.
  • Bullet Time Battle is a rhythm mini game. At some point a character will refuse to give any ground on a point. Whether it be the identity of the culprit or a piece of evidence. During this the other character will spout off things like “You’re Stupid”, “Wrong”, etc. Using the rhythm the you need to lock onto and destroy what the person is saying.

OK enough about what the have is and onto to how it plays. The trials can get kinda hectic, especially the non-stop debates because not only are you worried about aiming the truth bullet at the weak point you are listening to what is being said to pick which weak point to shoot while trying to snipe the pink words in the way to get more time. At higher difficulties you have more truth bullets to use at a time so add loading the correct truth bullet onto that, and you may not even have the bullet and have to pick from the other weak points to get it. But it’s really not as hard as I just made it sound. You are given a lot of time. I never had to worry about time limits. But a couple times the choices you are given are just too vague to know which weak point to shoot. I did fail a couple times and had to restart that part of the trial. The Bullet Time Battles can get tough in the way that the music the is used doesn’t have an easy beat to follow. I had to block the music out to even find the and just watch the screen to find the beat. The better you do at hitting the beat the faster the tempo goes. And sometimes the beat markers are covered up do you have to guess the beat. I feel like I lucked through all the BTBs as is called.


What a creepy smile

The trails themselves are kind of easy. While you won’t know, most of the time, which character is the murder the, game does a good job at ge tting you to the correct conclusion through the trial debates without telling you who it is directly.

Sometimes I felt like I was playing a game for a much younger audience, from just the idiotic things the characters said. One example would be for one murder a cosplay robot suit was involved. Don’t ask. And one character tried on the suit during the investigation and makes the comment how to can’t bend at the waist. Then during the trial when asked the question of how was the body moved the same character says they bent down to move it. I almost missed my chance to shoot that weak point because I was so dumbfounded.

I didn’t have too many technical issues. The only issue I came across was when I using a Xbox 360 controller, which is what I mostly used, at


A detective with the body of a child who uses a voice changing bow-tie? Hmmm…

random times the dialogue would start skipping ahead. The only way to do it would be to turn autoplay (RB) on then turn it off. It wasn’t a button sticking on the controller because just holding A doesn’t skip the scenes like that but holding the B button does. I also don’t think I’ll ever get used to the movement controls using a controller. There is no strafing. That may not sound like a big deal but left and right on the left stick is turning as well as on the right stick. And the moving forward with the left stick overrides turning with the right. Eventually I just kept my thumb off the right stick because it was just causing my brain confusion. Non of these issues were present while playing with a mouse and keyboard though.

Having seen the anime already, which you can find the review of that here, I already knew where the mastermind behind the whole Murder Game was but I had forgotten who the culprits for each individual murders where. The art in the game is amazing. It sticks to 2D flat images even when you can look around in a quasi-3D room. So characters standing in a room like like their cardboard cutouts. And the execution scenes are very stylized. It’s 2D like the the rest of the game but the coloration is different. The voice acting is so much better than the anime it’s almost laughable. After playing the game then watching the anime (this time dubbed) I was almost angry to how different the takes on the characters were. I absolutely prefer the game VO to the dubbed anime, especially Monokuma, Byakuya Togami, Hifumi Yamada, and Celestia Ludenberg.

I really liked enjoyed the game. If you like a good murder mystery, which I do, I recommend this game. I do warn you, if you don’t like to the read then this might not be for you. It is a visual novel after all.

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AverMedia Live Gamer Extreme: Unboxing and Review


TLDR: AverMedia’s Live Gamer Extreme isn’t quite there. The hardware is fine but the software crashes or just plain doesn’t open.

Review: Destiny: The Taken King


Score: 9 out of 10

Bungie released Destiny on September 9th 2014. Since its release there has been a roller-coaster of opinions on the state of the game. Some people stopped playing the game soon after release, some people continued playing with the 2 expansions that released in “Year One” of Destiny, some have never left(myself included) and some are just now jumping in the game. Destiny is tackling new territories in the console world. The Taken King kicks off “Year Two” of Destiny and fixes a lot of issues from “Year One”.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-30-04


One of the biggest criticisms of Destiny is the story or lack of story. There were so many questions and few answers. The Taken King gives us an interesting story that connects to a former Raid Boss that we had in Year One of Destiny. We get a few cut-scenes, a lot of dialogue that is given before, during and after missions, and of course Grimoire Cards that are available on their website. There is a lot of very fascinating conversations from characters that until now have only had glimpses of their personalities from short one lines in the tower. It was a lot more satisfying playing through missions and feeling like you are involved in the world of Destiny.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-39-45

The Taken King introduces an entirely new playable area called The Dreadnaught. This is the enormous ship of Oryx(the main antagonist). The Dreadnaught includes patrol missions, events that are player triggered, and more. The Court of Oryx is an event that requires a player to place a rune(item that can be acquired various ways) and then face one out of a few different mini boss fights. There are 3 tiers. The first tier is one mini boss. The second tier is 2 mini bosses at once. The third tier is a unique boss that is specific to that week. Most of the mini boss fights have certain mechanics to follow that prevent you from just team shooting the boss. This type of event is to encourage you to work as a team with not only your fireteam, but with other players in your area.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 03-29-33


Weapons are a huge factor of this game. Shooting is everything and the weapons truly matter. They have left behind most Year One Weapons, but they are still relevant in Year One Content and regular crucible (Competitive Multi-player). They have re-balanced the weapons with Year 2. Year one had a lot of weapons that were overpowered and made the game a bit annoying for some people. Exotic weapons are the top tier of weapons in Destiny. There are some you can buy or get as drops, but there are a lot that are tied to Quests.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 05-08-24


Quests are multi part missions that lead to a reward. The reward could be experience points, armor upgrade, weapon upgrade, type of currency, or, as mentioned previously, an exotic weapon. There are various Quests in Destiny. When you complete the main story of The Taken King it continues with a variety of quests. Quests can be as simple as killing enemies with certain weapons or completing new missions that open up just for that particular quests. When you complete one part of a Quest it will unlock another part. The amount of quests can add up and be a bit overwhelming at times, but it adds more play time to the game as well as give some pretty cool rewards.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 03-26-46


Crucible is the competitive multi-player mode for Destiny. The Taken King has added a couple new modes as well as maps. Rift is a capture and deliver mode that relies on you to work as a team to capture the rift and ignite it at your enemies’ spawn point. Mayhem mode is a mode where all abilities cooldowns are greatly reduced. This means that you get more grenades, more melees, and your Super recharges faster. Things can get pretty crazy in this mode. Another mode added is Zone Control. This differs from regular control with controlling the points matters over kills. In the previous control mode(which is still available) Kills matter a lot and if your team gets enough kills they don’t have to worry about capturing and controlling the points. Last point for Crucible is the Mercy rule. This will end the match if one team is winning by a huge lead. This will keep players from struggling in a match where people keep quitting on their team and they are stuck losing till the final point is scored or time runs out.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-22-07


End game content is very important to a game like Destiny. Quests help with that, but the Raid is another huge piece of End Game Content that keeps gamers playing Destiny each and every week. The raid takes place where the main story ends. It takes place on the Dreadnaught and consists of 4 different Boss Fights, 2 mechanic driven missions, a few jumping puzzles and a small maze to get through. Overall The King’s Fall Raid is fun and is designed to make your fireteam work together. This requires you to have a team of 6 players. There is a normal mode that suggests a Light Level of 290 and a Hard Mode that suggests a Light Level of 310. I have found the Hard Mode to be playable around 303-305. The last fight with Oryx is where a light level of 309-311 would be required for most people to play through it without tons of difficulties. They have announced there will be challenge modes with this raid. The raid is the best way to get high level gear. Normal Mode drops 300-310 light level gear and Hard Mode drops 310-320 light level gear.



Overall I feel like Destiny: The Taken King is a huge improvement to Destiny. $60 gets you all of Year One and The Taken King content. It is hard to beat that value if you haven’t picked it up. They continue to support the game with patches, bug fixes, special events, and promises of more to come. This review only scratches the surface of what Destiny: The Taken King has to offer. If you are looking for a game to sink a lot of time into then I would suggest picking up Destiny: The Taken King.

Review: Blood Bowl 2


Score: 5 out of 10

Cyanide’s Blood Bowl II is a turn-based fantasy themed sport game. I say sport and not football because there’s only a loose base in American football. There’s a kick-off at the start of the half and after a touchdown and that’s about it, oh and the ball looks like a football with spikes. And the players’ uniforms are based on football uniforms. Other than that it’s completely different.

Bob and Jim

Bob and Jim

I know if you think about football is turn-based but this isn’t like that. Each half is 8 turns and during each turn you can move each player individually a certain number of invisible spaces on the field. If a player is standing in a space adjacent to and opposed player they can attack the player whether they have the ball or not. When you attack you roll die to see what action you can do. The action could be a simple push but where the fun in that it is called Blood Bowl so the action you really want is to upper cut them in the jaw and possibly KO them or maybe even kill them. If you have fellow teammates around you to ups your strength and can add one or two extra dice to give you a better chance at a favorable roll. That can work against you as well if the opponent has friends or is just plain stronger than you the dice will so up red meaning that the opponent can choose from the die which action happens. Attacks aren’t the only “dice rolls” that happen if you want to pick the ball up off the ground you are given a percentage of success and you hear the sound of dice being rolled, the same happens if you want to take a couple extra steps past your given movement area or if you want to run one space away from an opponent. If you fail any of these and it ends with a one of your players or the ball falling on the ground it’s turnover, which is a forced end turn. There were plenty of time my first action was to attack an opponent and I ended up rolling a player down which is when they uppercut my player and that immediately ends my turn.

There is a campaign with a story. You are the new coach of the once great human team, Reikland Reavers, which is now rank last in the league. BB2 Strategy-337-610Much of the first games are tutorials to teach you the rules. In some of those some of the games mechanics are turned off like turnovers. The match when the turnovers are turned on I swear that was when the computer AI started cheating. And I don’t mean cheating as a game mechanic, I mean I started rolling a lot of player downs and both downs. The both down die means that both players attack each other and if neither one has the block ability they both go down. In the previous games most of my players had the block ability then at that game none of them did. I could eventually level up my players to get a chance at getting the blocking ability back. It may have just been training wheels while I learn the game but to suddenly take them away and have every other roll be both down and have every opponent have that ability it a bit bullshit. Then as the campaign goes on after all the rules have been introduced, it ups the difficulty even more by having other objectives other and just winning the game be required to continue. The other objectives could be something like score with a certain player type or make sure this random thing happens, something that you could spend hours just to get to happen. If those were optional things you could do that would have been great but they weren’t.

520763402_640Throughout the campaign you hear the comedic commentary of Jim the vampire and Bob the ogre. Their funny at first but like all commentaries you after hearing the same joke for 50th time it’s not funny anymore. The sound in general is pretty good. Hearing the player hit each other sounds just as brutal as it looks.

As you could tell earlier in this review I have some issues with the game. The major one is just that when you lose a game you don’t feel like you lose because you’re bad at the game you lose because the computer wanted you to lose. It replaces skill with a RGN (Random Number Generator). I did not play any games online with people but I’ve heard the community is as acidic and League of Legends or Dota 2. Another issue I had with the game was that the game doesn’t explain some of it’s team management mechanics.

I liked the idea of the game but it’s execution leaves something to be desired. I don’t think it’d recommend to anyone but fans of the franchise. This was my first time play a Blood Bowl game and I would have rather played something like a Madden with this art style which I know it not what Blood Bowl is. If you like this type of game then this is your game.


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Review: Life is Strange (complete game)


Life is Strange is a story-driven, episodic, adventure game from the developers at Dontnod. The game revolves around an 18 year old photography student named Maxine Caulfield. After a vision of a tornado that destroys the town she discovers that she has the ability to reverse time. She uses these new powers to save the life of her childhood friend, Chloe. The two try and figure out what happened to a local girl who’s gone missing.

maxresdefaultBy the end of episode one I was intrigued by the story and wanted to know what was up with Max’s time reversing powers. By the end of episode two I was hooked and had to find out how this story is going to end. This really was one of the best stories that I’ve played all year. The story is slow-paced but that was done on purpose, to get you to get to know the main characters and side characters better so if a choice comes up that might end badly for someone you have to really think about it. But thanks to the reverse time mechanic you can go back and make a different choice and see how that turns out then decide which one you want to stick with. Sometimes that can makes the decision even harder when you find out that both choices may not be favorable.

The art in the game is pretty damn good too. The characters and setting looks great. Most photographs in the game have this heavy bleed watercolor look (don’t know if that the technical word for it)LifeIsStrange-3-24-2015-9-53-57-AM.00_08_16_50.Still002 and I really liked it. The music in the game wasn’t something I’d listen to but it was defiantly something a hipster like Max would, so it was all good; but, the punk rocker, Chloe’s choice in music didn’t match when you turn on her stereo and they dance on the bed.

Not for things I didn’t like so much about the game. There were a couple times when I knew that a situation could turn out a certain way through a tree of dialogue options. The problem was, I was constantly rewinding so I could get the outcome I desired. If there was no rewinding then I would have just rolled with it but I could and spent way too much time on a conversation. My biggest problem is something that I’ve been seeing on a lot of other reviews. The rest of this paragraph is spoilers for the end of the game please skip ahead if you don’t want to know. You have been warned. Seriously. Stop reading. The final outcome of the game as nothing to do with any choice you have made up until this point. It doesn’t matter if Kate lived or died, or if you saved Alyssa every episode, or if your planet died. Now that doesn’t deter from that choice you have to make. They do a really nice job with the lead up, highlighting all the major points of Max and Chloe’s friendship from the previous episodes. When that choice came up it wasn’t much of a surprise Life Is Strange™_20150201202703cause I had guessed it earlier in the episode, but that didn’t make it any easier. I thought about it for a while. I walked around my apartment for a few minutes thinking about it.

I really enjoyed this game and am looking forward to playing it again with different choices to see how much it changes the story. This game also does make me want to look at Dontnod’s next game Vampyr and check out their previous game Remember Me. I absolutely recommend this game for anyone who likes a good story. I would not recommend it for people who have sensitivity to bullying and suicide and drugs usage.

Review: Eagle Energy Vape


I have never been a huge smoker. I have smoked socially in the past, but the last year and a half I have dived into the Vape World. I mostly vape non-nicotine e-juice. I enjoy the flavors personally. I was very excited when I heard of Eagle Energy. Eagle energy is a disposable vaporizer(alternative to cigarettes) that contain no nicotine, but has similar ingredients found in energy drinks. Their tagline is Inhale Your Energy and it sums it up pretty much.


I was sent a 10 pack box for review. Each vaporizer is stored and sealed in its own plastic tube. This seemed like a smart way to insure each vaporizer is new and not tampered with. Each vaporizer lasted about 2-3 days depending on how much I vaped that day. The taste was very pleasant. It seemed to have a similar taste to an energy drink but not as strong. Each vaporizer contains 0.08% caffeine content per mL. The key ingredients are guarana extract (caffeine), taurine and ginseng. These are most commonly found in energy drinks. The LED light is pretty bright when in the dark. I found myself using it as a little flashlight late at night. One of my 10 disposable vaporizers was Dead on arrival. It was sealed, but when I opened it and tried it just didn’t work.


The effects seemed to help give a boost of energy. I also didn’t experience a crash like most energy drinks come with. It seems like a great alternative to energy drinks. It lasts for a few days and you are able to vape and quickly stick it in your pocket and go on with whatever you have to do unlike chugging an energy drink. The 10 pack is $74.99 and they have a new 3 pack that is $24.99. If you are one who goes through energy drinks like crazy this is definitely something to consider trying. I feel like this could be a useful way to help with those late night gaming sessions. It has helped me play through the late hours. I would highly recommend anyone interested checking them out at their website at

Review: Beyond Eyes (Xbox One)


Score: 8 out of 10

Beyond Eyes is a game by Tiger & Squid and published by Team 17. It seems half the smaller games coming out now are published by Team 17. I digress.  Tiger & Squid is an one girl game studio founded by Sherida Halatoe, and according to the website, creates short, beautiful games to make people happy, sometimes a little sad and then happy again.

E3-2015_Beyond-Eyes_farmBeyond Eyes is about a little girl names Rae who goes blind from a fireworks accident.  After the accident she befriends a wondering cat whom she names Nani. When Winter came around Nani stopped by less and less. By the time Spring came, Nani didn’t come back. Rae decided to try to find her lost friend.

The gameplay is very simple. You only need to move and look around and occasionally press the “A” button to interact with things. There’s not much to interact, though. Since Rae is blind she feels and hears the things that are around to paint her surroundings in her mind. Because of this not much of the world is really shown. What Rae hears and thinks something is may not really be what it actually is. One instance early on Rae thinks she’s walking up to a fountain but it turn out it’s a drainage pipe. Yeah gross.

Like I said as you move around Beyond2-noscalethe world is painted into under your feet. The art is very beautiful and bright and colorful. When you run into things that scares Rae the world’s colors fade and the music becomes foreboding. The game is not a long game but any means. I finished the game in about 2 hours but I only earned 1 out of the 10 achievements so there was some things that I missed but I don’t think I miss very much. It was most likely I could have pressed A on something and didn’t.

Halatoe’s statement on the website, creates short, beautiful games to make people happy, sometimes a little sad and then happy again, could not have been more wrong. That’s what she set out to do and she did just that. The game is $14.99 on Xbox and Steam and I think that’s a bit much for a game at this length and what you actually do. If the game was $5 it would be perfect. If you need a break from those controller gripping, rage-inducing, river of blood games then this is a nice sweet change of pace.


*Game code supplied by publisher*



Score: 9 out of 10

Many of us remember the first time we played through Portal. It was an amazing Puzzle-Platformer. The Puzzles made you stop and felt so rewarding when you finally figured it out. We have seen many games that have tried to copy that feeling. Q.U.B.E is one of those games and it succeeds where most fall short.

Q.U.B.E. stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion. The Game is a first-person puzzle-platformer, and is very similar to Portal, but different enough to where it isn’t a clone or knock-off. Q.U.B.E is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and priced at $9.99. It is published and developed by Toxic Games and Headup Games.


The story is interesting. You are an astronaut with memory loss. Your only communication is from a woman at the international space station. Your communication gets interfered with when she get out of range due to orbit. This leaves you alone to figure out the next few puzzles until you are able to hear back from her to feed you more information to progress the story. She informs you that you are Earth’s only hope. You must solve the puzzles to get through to stop from crashing into Earth.


The different mechanics for the puzzles are colored differently for each mechanic of the game. A few examples are Red is 1 block that can be pulled out of or pushed into the wall/floor. Another one is Yellow that is 3 blocks that turn into stairs for one to climb. The Yellow block stairs can be formed either way depending on where you hover your cursor when using your ability to interact with the blocks. The Blue block turns into a trampoline when you push it into the wall/floor. There are several other colors and mechanics to the game that create the solution to the puzzles in the game. The one tiny flaw I have is that the movement seems a little sluggish and that can cause frustration because some puzzles involve precise timing in order to solve.


Conclusion: Overall the game is fantastic. The story is interesting enough to keep you paying attention. The puzzles reward you with a satisfied sense of accomplishment. The price of $9.99 is a sweet spot for this type of game, and gives you way more value then the cost. If you are a fan of Puzzle Games then you will not regret picking up Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut