Must Watch TV – Misfits


This is one of my shows of the year without doubt.  For anyone unfamiliar with the show it was described as Heroes (before it got crap) meets Skins, season one aired in the UK last year and was just 6 episodes, season two is on air at the moment and is apparently set for 7 episodes in total.  The story is basically a group of youths on community service get caught up in a weird electrical storm.  After the storm they begin to realise they have developed strange and unique powers.  We follow the group as they encounter others who have been affected in different ways and we see them coming together as a group as they learn more about each other.  The first season uses a lot of flashbacks to life before community service for each of them; this gives you a really deep insight into each of the main characters.

Given this is a British Channel 4 TV series you can fully expect foul language, fairly graphic sex scenes, violence, drug use and borderline inappropriate humour.  The only one of these I have an issue with is glamorising drug use (in this case Ecstasy) but it is not a major part of the show thankfully, it just kind of happens in passing, unlike other C4 shows like Skins where all they do is get drunk, shag and insert any illegal substance they can find into their bodies.

As this is a recommendation I won’t spoil anything by telling you who has what power, I will however detail the cast of main characters below.

Curtis – was a young up and coming athlete preparing for the Olympics until he was caught up in a drugs bust.

Simon – a very quiet socially awkward young man who really wants to be friends with everyone.

Kelly – A foul mouthed violent chav who is always up for a fight.

Nathan – A gobby mopheaded Irishman who spends most of his time making stupid jokes and getting on everyone’s nerves.  Easily the most enjoyable character for me.

Alisha – an outgoing party girl who loves guys and is always flirting with someone.

The show is set in London and most of the scenes are set in the more run down areas where the guys on community service have to do work at the youth centre and clean up graffiti and rubbish.  I missed the show the first time it was on TV as it was very poorly advertised however I picked it up second time round and totally loved it.  The biggest thing I can say for it is that it starts of quite small scale, you think it is just going to be a simple episode to episode random encounter storyline with no real ongoing plot.  The storyline evolves into a pretty massive scale plot which deals with many awesome ideas and theories including plays on reality itself.

Not sure what kind of coverage, if any this show has had in the US but I’m sure it will be available online somewhere and I REALLY recommend you check it out.