Limbo: The Meta Game

Don’t worry folks, this is going to be spoiler free so don’t worry.

A lot is going on in the world of Limbo. While many people who have played the new game from Playdead games have found their way though and got all the achievements, another tale is still going on. If you have played Limbo then you know that for some achievements you have to find glowing orbs hidden in the game. Now this is all fairly straight forward…but there are actually MORE orbs then there are achievements. The orbs give you completion percentage and people have been clamoring up the charts and still are as we speak. The top spot has changed at least five times and people have been playing themselves almost to death to be the first to find the next orb. So far at least ten have been discovered, but people on the leaderboards are showing percentages above even what that would get you so there must be more. The boards over at have been going crazy digging up info. If you have anything to contribute jump on over and let everyone know.

Hidden Eggs Thread