Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Quick and short Review

Skyward Sword
Finished The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, hers my quick and short review:

Good game; as a Zelda fan you will love most of the story elements as well as classic and new Zelda lore, but if your not it goes without saying you will be frustrated by the monotonous backtracking and the occasional non responsive motion plus. This is as close to one to one as you’ll get on the Wii, having said that, it still misses the mark of the “phenomenal new way to play video-games” as Nintendo has tried to reach.

The parts of the game that shine are the story elements along with many hints and history tid-bits in its rich world, but these high points are quickly overshadowed by its creators stagnation to even add voice dialog or a decent conversation system found in most all RPG’s today. The dungeon crawling elements are very cool with even the smallest of enemies requiring some skill, the only problem is when you do this over and over and over again it can really reduce your experience to say the least.

In short, I’m a Zelda Fanboy, a motion control advocate and still have a Nostalgic love for Nintendo and its franchises but so many times I said to myself; give me my classic controller or at least the option back, and most of all be “Zelda”, because that’s what it does best. there was no need for this game to be 40+ hours. Its like that really cool boss that gives you “busy work” every now and then just to make their job title feel justified. B-/8.5