Episode 19-Dynamic Duo Returns!

We are back with another full-length episode of The GeeksFTW Podcast.  Stuart and Myself cover a variety of topics. We start off by talking about his experience with android since getting his HTC Droid Incredible. Then he talks a little bit about the show Fringe. We then jump straight into gaming with a little Dead Rising 2: Case Zero talk along with Plants Vs. Zombies XBLA. Finally I talk about my experiences with Spider-man Shattered Dimensions and answer some of Stuarts Questions. Oh and we talk a little(Truthfully its A Lot) about Halo: Reach. And my dog makes a short appearance on the show. This is the start of the re-birth of the podcast so stay tuned for much more! Again, we encourage feedback. Leave a comment on the site, Twitter, Facebook, or email us at TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com .

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  1. The Droid Incredible is a great phone. The battery life is notoriously short but it rivals my wife’s iPhone 3Gs. The apps are awesome and Froyo is smooth. If the DInc can get an update minimizing battery drain, it would be the perfect phone.

    My son really wants Shattered Dimensions but after watching Enslaved, he wants that. Welcome back fellas. I’ll be more diligent on my feedback. Let’s get it!

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