True Blood Season 3: Cliffhanger or Letdown?

Tru Blood

Ever since my friend Amanda made me watch many episodes of season one of True Blood in a row I’ve been hooked. At the time she only had seasons 1 & 2 which I devoured happily. From the start I knew my preference lay with Sam and Team Eric as Bill was too broody and emo for me (which may explain why I’ve never really liked Angel). It wasn’t long after that I managed to get my hands on every Southern Vampire Mystery book and read each one in less than a day. Needless to say when season three of the television series started I was ready and eager to see how closely it would follow the books. 

Well, from the start I can say that I had no idea what was going to happen as they branched away from the third book so much. Not that I didn’t enjoy the season. On the contrary, I enjoyed it quite a bit (the Eric, Sam and Lafayette parts more than the Bill parts of course) and I found ways to watch each episode as soon as I could. So when we got to the last episode I was expecting…well…not what the book had laid out but something pretty epic.

Strangely I found that after the episode was over I was left with a feeling of “meh”. I won’t give away any real spoilers but I know that Amanda, who watched that episode with me, expressed a similar opinion. Unlike the ending of seasons 1 & 2 I found that I wasn’t immediately demanding a new episode RIGHT THEN. Yes, I do anticipate season 4, especially if it has certain elements of the fourth book (if that’s the case, I might need a bucket each Sunday to catch the drool) but I’m not craving. Unlike the last episode of season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica I’m not screaming at the top of my lungs to the ceiling that I can’t wait to know what happens (you know the episode: “I’m getting my men!”)…and that makes me a little sad.

True, I love seeing a good storyline wrapped up nice and neat with just a teaser left dangling but in my favorite shows I love to be left craving the next season. It makes the wait between seasons that much more difficult and the first episode of the new season that much sweeter.

I really hope that season 4 brings back that feeling.

Anyone else (besides Amanda and I) have that experience with the last episode of season 3? Anyone care to debate me on the merits of Bill rather than Eric? Drop a comment below!