Music to make you feel epic: Pirates of the Caribbean

PotC Soundtracks

I have to admit, I was a little nervous while trying to decide on my first post here on The GeeksFTW! but it hit me this morning as I was driving to work…

Geeky music. Specifically the scores to the three Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

If I’m feeling the need for epic, these are the soundtracks that I always pull up to listen to. Nothing can make the morning (or evening) commute more interesting than listening to a track like “The Kraken” from “Dead Man’s Chest” as I’m merging onto the interstate.

Listening to the soundtrack from “Curse of the Black Pearl” can take me back seven years ago to when the movie just came out in theaters. I immediately bought the soundtrack and promptly blew out the speakers in my car listening to it at almost top volume. From the jaunty riffs that remind you of Captain Jack Sparrow’s distinctive walk to the sweeping epic music that makes you wish your car had sails and that you had a pirate hat, the first soundtrack is brilliant.

The score to Dead Man’s Chest is just as amazing if a little darker than the first. My favorite track on that is easily “The Kraken” followed by “Davy Jones” that begins with the sound of the music box locket he wears. “At World’s End” competes heavily with the first movie’s score for the winning place of “most epic”. The tracks “At Wit’s End” and “Hoist the Colors” (complete with chorus) and “What Shall We Die For” never fail to make me shiver. Add in the spaghetti western feel of the track “Parlay” and you’ve got a score that might not win “most epic” but easily ties for it.

Even if you aren’t normally a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean or of instrumental scores, give these a try.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sit outside on my break, listen to the score and dream of being a pirate.