Black Ops:First Strike costs $53.6 Million?

Call of Duty: Black Ops has sold amazingly well. There is no surprise that the First Strike Map Pack will sell pretty well. With any and all major DLC there are problems. I have found a few and decided to share before it is fixed. The first picture below shows the map pack download costing -1 Microsoft point. Well just out of curiosity I decided to see if it would work or not. The next picture shows it the required balance being 42,93,967,295 which comes out to be $53,687,091.19. This of course is going to get fixed and no one will end up buying it for that price, but I feel it is a worth wild to share to those who probably will not see it before it gets fixed. I apologize for the picture quality not being crystal clear, but I’m sure you can make out what it says. And before I post I have checked it again and the problem is fixed so you don’t have to worry. Just enjoy the mistake of Microsoft that is below.