Episode 30- Hardcore Geeking

Yes, it is another episode this week. Despite snow storms we were able to bring you another geektastic episode. Right when we ended however Stuart’s power went out so It must be fate. Anyways back to episode 30. We go pretty hardcore geeking over a variety of topics. We start out with the Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, and Breach Demo. Then we move on to talking about the 13th Zodiac. Is it real? Is it fake? Well listen to find out what we think. After that we spend a lot of time talking about the Next Generation Portable or PSP2. We discuss points to it that other podcasts did not get to. We also discuss the Playstatioin Suite app that will allow PlayStation type games to be played on android devices. After that long hardcore geek session we move on to the rumor about Amazon releasing a unlimited streaming service for Prime user. After that its our i recommend Section and Geek Question of the Week. Then we wrap the show up. Once again we encourage feedback. You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, Twitter, Facebook, send email to TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com , call our voiceline at 1-347-GeekFTW(433-5389) , or leave a comment below. Don’t forget to leave OFR an iTunes review to enter to win a copy of Call of Duty Black Ops for the Xbox 360. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us. We hope you enjoy!