A Geeky New Years Resolution

I am not one to do New Years Resolution, but I have been meaning to get certain things accomplished/ change things. Why not make a commitment during the time everyone else does? Why Am I writing about this you might be thinking? Because My New Years Resolutions involve the site/podcast. So without further rambling here they are:

1)Provide more content for the site- Writing reviews about Games(some new and some new to me that I’m catching up on), Movies, Television, Comics/Books, and Tech. I have a back log of games. movies, TV shows and a few comics that I need to complete and will share with you the readers/ listeners. 2011 I plan on acquiring many tech gadgets and will review and share.

2)Expand TheGeeksFTW- I will try to look for more dedicated writers and hopefully get enough content for each Categories of the the Geek Culture instead of just one or two. Possibly add another podcast to the website that focuses on stuff that TheGeeksFTW doesn’t.(If anyone has ideas, suggestions or interested in starting one please contact me)

3)Get the listeners/Readers involved- Bring more guests on the podcast, run more contests, incorporating feedback into the show, and much more.

Overall: I want to grow a community around TheGeeksFTW, give people more reasons to listen, read, and participate with the podcast and website, and above all Entertain You our readers and listeners. So here is to a Geeky 2011!