I thought i’d start a little weekly post highlighting two of the best deals available each week. The deals can be anything from video games to Blu-Rays and I’ll post one for the US and one for the UK. Sorry to anybody else but I can’t cover the whole world. So without further ado the first two deals of the week!

Prince of Persia HD Collection

Price: £17.98

This is the deal that inspired me to start this, hopefully, weekly post. The Prince of Persia series is arguably one of the best gaming franchises ever. The games are consistently great and for roughly £6 per game you aren’t paying much of a premium for the HD and trophy goodness. If you were thinking about buying these games then I’d recommend that you act fast as Amazon is well known for having fluctuating prices day to day. It is also worth noting that if you are in the US and are looking to import the collection this is most likely the best price you will see for a fair amount of time.

Fallout: New Vegas

Price: $34.99


360 Link:

PS3 Link:

What can I say? Amazon has great deals. It won’t be like this every week. I promise. Now, Fallout: New Vegas, despite what anybody says about glitches, is a brilliant game. Now that the majority of the glitches have been fixed, most specifically the save game glitches this game is a must own. At $34.99 on both platforms this game is a steal. Also check Fallout 3 if you are new to the series. It is available in a gamestop bargain bin for around $9.99 near you.

I hope that these deals give you an excuse to buy a new great game. If you have any deals that you think deserve a post in the future send me a message on twitter @360cookie