Writers Wanted!

Do you have an interest in Comics, Movies ,TV , Tech ,Video games,and anything else in the Geek Culture? Do you find yourself keeping up with the latest and greatest? Do you want to voice your opinion? Well we here at The GeeksFTW we are currently looking for new writers for the site. Have you ever wanted to write for a site? Well you might be in luck! Though we want more writers we will not take just anyone. Below are just a few qualifications:

1.Grammar is important. You must be able to write sentences properly although some slang is acceptable

2.Be able to write on a regular basis(1 or more posts a day would be preferred)

3.Must be able to summarize articles from other sources.

4.Must have a passion for either Comics,Movies,TV,Tech, or Video Games

For anyone who is interested be sure to contact us at TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com and be prepared to submit a sample article(topic is writer’s choice) With that said we look forward to adding new members to the GeeksFTW Crew.