Why We Might Not Have Another Enterprise On TV Thanks to J.J. Abrams


The original Star Trek TV show was corny and cheap but people loved it and it spawned 6 movies, which only a couple of them actually good. What was great about those movies was that the cast that people knew for years from the TV show were in the movies. Same with the Next Generation, four movies came out of that series and once again the cast that people fell in love with were in the movies. J.J. Abrams has rebooted Star Trek into an alternate universe. That’s all fine and dandy because it proofs that people still like Star Trek. What we are missing is a currently airing Star Trek series. Here’s where the problems come in. Do you continue on the same alternate timeline of the Abrams movies or go back to the original timeline and create a new show from that? If you go from the alternate timeline do you remake the original five year mission which Into Darkness ends at the start of? If you do that, there’s no way you could get the cast from the movie, or do the really hard task of getting actors that can mimic the performances of movie actors.

Nero,_2258What we also don’t know is how the timeline was affected by Nero in the first movie. We now know that it caused the Federation to increase their exploration efforts more quickly than in the “Prime” timeline. Thus causing Khan to be awoken earlier and not by Kirk and the Enterprise. But how else was the timeline affected? Did the accelerated exploration maybe cause Q and the Q Continuum to be discovered earlier and perhaps lead to the discovery of the Borg sooner than the Federation was ready for. Because even in the “Prime” timeline the Borg were discovered sooner than fate designed because Q interfered. Maybe Picard decided to stay on his family’s vineyard or maybe Riker’s transported accident never happened.

There are just so many variables that that one event could have changed. Here’s something that did change because Wrath of Khan isn’t going to happen that means that Spock doesn’t die and get shot off into space and land on Genesis. Maybe the Klingons do steal the Genesis device or maybe they are stopped but not by Kirk and the Enterprise. That means Kirk doesn’t destroy the Enterprise to stop GWhaleprobe2Doc Brown and steal his bird of prey and then head to Vulcan to get Spock all better. This is why Kirk and company were not on Earth when the probe visited Earth looking for the humpbacked whales. Foreseeably that means that the Enterprise crew might have been on Earth and unable to stop the probe from destroying Earth by doing a sling-shot around the Sun. It looks like Nero not only destroyed Vulcan but destroyed Earth too. Think about it.

The only way I can see an Enterprise-focused TV show is if they do the Enterprise-C. Since it was only in one episode of TNG, not a whole lot is known about their missions except for their final mission at Narendra III. Maybe the Romulan attack didn’t happen at all. Maybe it did and we see the flip side the “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode and see the Neo changes to the 24th century. But then again maybe Rachel Garrett did not become captain of the Enterprise-C.

That got me thinking, other than the part in Star Trek Generations we don’t know much about the Enterprise-B either. That could be another TV series that they could do. Maybe that first trip out of dry-dock to go around Pluto the Energy Ribbon destroyed the brand-spanking new Excelsior-class starship. Or maybe when Kirk saved the ship and didn’t get transported to the Nexus then help Picard take down Soren.

One possible concept for NCC-1701-F Enterprise

Those are the only two ways an Enterprise-focused TV show might have a chance. There are just so many maybes that now come from this alternate timeline that we don’t know and probably won’t be answered without a TV show. I really suggest a Star Trek that is not the focused on the Enterprise like Voyager and Deep Space Nine 9 were. But what I’ve wanted ever since Voyager went off the air was the adventures of the Enterprise-F or G or some later letter. In the Blu-ray of the Next Generations Movie Box Set one of the extras shows concept renderings of the Enterprise-F so that thought was out there at one point. I honestly don’t know why we don’t have a TV show on the air now. Now is the time with the new movies we have new fans and it’ll also be a way to remind old fans that Star Trek really isn’t dead out of the box office. Someone get on it please.