Trapped Dead: Lockdown Trailer


Trapped Dead: Lockdown is a zombie-action game with skill trees, 4 player co-op, different classes and more. It is releasing on Steam this Friday and if you are interested check out the feature list below as well as the trailer.

  • Zombie-Action in a rich horror atmosphere
  • An exciting story
  • Five different classes with individual storylines and motives
  • Complex skill tree to level up your abilities and attributes makes for an individual RPG experience
  • More than thirty active and passive skills to learn at each of the five classes
  • Hundreds of weapons and items
  • Diverse enemies and boss monsters
  • Use cars to smash through the enemies
  • Sell, buy and repair tools and weapons at the drifter – he’s always ready for a nice deal
  • Online Co-op-multiplayer for up to four players
  • Dialogue spoken by professional voice actors and fully subtitled
  • “Trapped Dead: Lockdown 4-Pack” containing three additional keys of the game and one of its predecessor ‘Trapped Dead’