Review: Color Guardians (PC)


Score: 7 out of 10

Color Guardians is a fun little game where you play as this little colorful characters who is a Color Guardian. It is simple where you run left to right and back and forth from 3 different lanes collecting colored orbs to gain score. The initial feel of the game is simple and something that one might find in their mobile app store.

The story is fairly simple.  A dark bad guy comes and steals the color. Your job is to play through the game and collect color orbs. As you progress through the game you see color returning to the world via the world map. The world map is like most games where you select the level to play by moving your character forward or backwards. The individual levels start out colorless and as you collect color orbs the level gains color, but when you start to miss the orbs the world reverts back to its colorless look. The game literally is based around color and it looks really good as a result.


The scoring system is pretty familiar. When you complete a level you see your score add up. Depending on how many color orbs you picked up depends on how high the score. The high score is  how many stars you get for that level. Three stars is the best you can get for a level. This is very similar to many mobile games that encourage replay-ability in order to gain three stars for every level. You can also see how many of each color orbs you collecting from that level as well as total possible orbs for the level.


The game fully supports controllers or traditional keyboard. The Mouse isn’t used in the game. I kept finding myself wanting to use the mouse at the beginning of every level. If you are picking up a red orb you must click the button assigned to red. When you click one of the assigned buttons for the three different colors your character spins and that is how you get a perfect for the orb. You have to constantly click on the correct button for the correct color orb. This can get a little frustrating as the levels get tougher. Having to quickly switch between the different colors can be a bit challenging in the later levels.


I would have to say overall the game is pretty fun. It does have challenging aspects to it, but it is a great game to play after marathoning a more intense game. I find myself playing a few levels before bed and a few levels in between other games. The music is upbeat and goes along with the colorful vibe of the game. I give it a 7 out of 10 because the game feels like it could have been a mobile game for a lot less. I did enjoy my time with Color Guardians and feel it is a solid game that many people will enjoy playing.