Ranting Opinion: Trailers Ruin Movie Plots

Movie trailers today also ruin good plots in movies. Some of the funniest lines of movies are spoiled in movie trailers. Some of the best movie twists are spoiled in movie trailers. With some movies, if you’ve seen enough trailers about the movie all you need a 5 second clip to tell you the ending and you have no reason to see it, because all the characters are introduced, the plot is given away, and sometimes even the ending protagonist and antagonist fight if shown. Guess what 95% of the time the protagonist wins. You can also guess the ending of a movie because basic plots are recycled over and over again. Take the movie Avatar as an example. James Cameron said that he worked on the plot for Avatar for 12 years. From just the trailers I saw of it I could tell someone the rough idea of the plot. Boy is part of an organization, boy gets separated from organization, boy meets girl, girl teaches boy how bad the organization is, organization tries to kill girl’s people, girl’s people blame boy, boy fights organization to win back the love of girl, boy wins and everyone lives happily ever after. I knew all that before I saw the movie because I grew up with movies like Pocahontas and Furn Gully.
Ok here’s what this rant is coming from, I have tried to stay in media blackout over the movie Inception. The keyword there was tried. I watched the first teaser trailer and knew that that movie would be an awesome movie if I see nothing else about it. That’s hard to do when I’m watching TV and a trailer comes on, and I quickly start digging for the remote, and Leo says the word dream just before I change channels. FUCK! Why? Why was that in the trailers? Why ruin the plot of a potentially great movie? To me that’s like putting that Bruce Willis is dead in the trailer for the Sixth Sense. I don’t know, maybe there’s something bigger in the movie Inception. I’ll know more when I see it, but I feel like the movie has been ruined for me. I just wish that trailers showed a lot less of movies and television shows than they do. </rant>