Score 26 Steam games for $1 with the Dollar Forever Bundle

Score 26 Steam games for $1 with the Dollar Forever Bundle

Simply put that has a bundle of 26 steam games for just $1. You read that correctly. And they have Steam Trading cards so you can probably make a profit if More »

The GeeksFTW – Episode 286

The GeeksFTW – Episode 286

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The GeeksFTW – Episode 285

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The GeeksFTW – Episode 284

The GeeksFTW – Episode 284

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The GeeksFTW – Episode 283

The GeeksFTW – Episode 283

Here is another episode. Late because life and tech difficulties. Hope you enjoy! If you are looking for more from us then check out our YouTube Page for game reviews, quick looks More »


Ronnie James Dio: RIP

I am sad to say that Mr.Holy Diver has passed away.He was battling stomach cancer. It seemed he was beating it, but sadly it got the best of him. I know this isn’t really “Geeky”, but it saddens me since DIO was one of my favorite bands.  He officially passed away May 15th 2010. Our thoughts go out to his family. Rock on Ronnie James Dio. ROCK ON!

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EDIT:According to Blabbermouth the following statement came from Ronnie James Dio’s wife : “I am at the hospital and Ronnie has NOT passed away!!!! He is not doing good, but he is not dead. I will let you know if anything changes.Thank you for your concern.”

Lets hope for a Full Recovery.

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EDIT It is official. Ronnie James Dio’s wife/manager reported that he passed away this morning May 16 at 7:45am. He was 67 and will truly be missed. The official report from his wife can be found at the official website Its a sad day in Metal. Once more I say Rock on Ronnie James Dio. ROCK ON!

Episode 9- Reach for Tech News

In this episode we talk about a variety of topics. We start mainly on our impressions of the Halo: Reach beta. Then we touch on a variety of tech topics from the twitter bug to Bejeweled 2 being beaten after 3 years of playing it. These topics and many more.

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Go Go Dalek Rangers!

A few nights back I couldn’t sleep. So I put this together instead. The audio is a mixture of the Doctor Who Theme song and the original Power Rangers theme song. The video is clips I’ve put together from the episode “Victory of the Daleks”.  Let me know what you think. I haven’t edited anything in a long time. If enough people like this then I might start making more videos.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Since I have never played a Splinter Cell game I was very excited to take the plunge into Sam Fisher’s world.  I was not disappointed.  I have heard and can understand the the points brought up by long time players of the Splinter Cell franchise: !. This isn’t the Sam Fisher I know and love(I barely recognize you) 2. Where is the real stealth? 3. Why is the A.I. so stupid?(oops thats my complaint). But for someone new to Splinter Cell I appreciate the faster paced stealth that Ubisoft was aiming for. From the minute I started playing the game, I began to compare it with Batman Arkham Asylum.  Even though, both games are similar, the feel you get and the way the stories are told gives you completely different experiences.  The stealth elements in this game are new takes on previously used formulas.  One thing new is when you move to the shadows the screen goes into a black and white mode to let the players now that he/she is unseen. It was a bit disorienting at first but a very nice touch. And of course the infrared goggles come into play later in the game for Sam Fisher and is available at the start of the co op missions. Mark and Death is a gameplay element that after you complete a manual takedown you can then mark your enemies and use the Y button to perform an execution.  You don’t want to waste them. Being strategic on when and who to mark and execute is essentially to getting through levels. The story and the way that it is told is excellent. Voice acting is top notch except the goons Sam Fisher takes on tends to talk way too much and loud giving away their position.  My only complaint is that even on realistic mode the A.I. can just be plain bad. Sometimes the bad dudes just walk up next to you waiting to be taken down as well as the non stop talking. Co-op mode and story are very well done and on par with the single player mode. I actually have been having more fun coordinating with someone to take out a room of bad guys. Having such a wide variety of weapons and gadgets leads to a great deal of customizable gameplay to suit each players particular playing style. What is so great about this game is that there is not a set way to take out the enemy. It is really up to your analysis to decide how you want to tackle the situation. Also another nice touch: free DLC every Thursday. So far it has been new weapons and gadgets. Hopefully, they will roll out dlc for the co op mode and some Sam Fisher flash backs.  Also for purchasing Splinter Cell: Conviction, you get access to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta.  I have yet to do any of the versus modes(not really interested).  Maybe I don’t know what I am missing but I have had a great experience playing and replaying this game. For everything that you get from this game it is a must purchase.

Mark’s GeeksFTW Score 85

Reach for the beta

Captain Mal calls sniper

Thursday April 29 was when Bungie opened up the Halo: Reach Beta to their friends and family or some quick people on Twitter. It wasn’t until the follow Monday, at approximately 1:00 EST (according to my clock when I first saw the “IT”S LIVE” tweet.) Bungie pressed the button to open up the beta to the public. By public I mean the people who still have their Halo 3: ODST campaign disc. After about a half an hour of downloading, depending on internet speed, we were able to finally play the first matches of Halo: Reach multiplayer. Or so we thought. As it so happened the Reach Beta servers were having issues. Whether Bungie didn’t expect the 1,000,000+ people logging on of day one or the there was a “fire in the server room,” whatever the problem was it was just a pain to try and find a match in those first few hours of the beta. Later that night once the servers were up and running the fun really began.

Halo: Reach plays similar to Halo 3 with a couple button swaps. For instance the default controls the melee is on the right bumper and the equipment is on the left, the reload is on the X button and the switch grenade is on the B button. At first I was happy to see the X button was once again on the X button, but for some reason my mind kept telling me that I was playing Halo and the reload and pick up weapons button was on the right bumper. Lucky for me there was the Recon button layout, which swaps the reload back to the right bumper and the melee to the B button and the switch grenades to the X button. other than that it controls just like all the other Halo games.

OK enough with the controls time for weapons.  Jumping and grenade arcs are lower due to the ‘increased gravity of a large planetoid like Reach.’ The Halo CE zooming pistol is back to the delight of many Halo fans, I’m not one of those people glad to see it’s return. There is no Battle Rifle (BR) because it hasn’t been invented yet so in it’s place we get it predecessor the M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), which is a one shot medium to long range rifle. There are also a couple of weapons new to Reach that we all are wondering “Why the hell haven’t we seen these weapons before?” The Human and Convenant got a couple new weapons like the Needle Rifle (and DMR that uses needles from the Needler instead of bullets), the Plasma Repeater (a Convenant version of the Assault Rifle), and a Focus Rifle (reminds me of the Sentinel Beam only with multiple zoom).  along with new weapons the epuipment from Halo 3 were removed and replaced with armor abilities. Some of those abilities include jet pack, active camo, sprint (Spartans only), dodge (elites only. the roll move that the elites use in the campaign), and armor lock (Spartans only. A pre-evolved form of the bubble shield, you become immobile and the shield only covers you.) You pick this abilities and weapon loadout every time you spawn. Spartans and Elities also play differently. Elities are larger, faster, and have regenerating health which the Spartans do not.

New game modes were also introduced. One of those modes was Headhunter, once one player kills another s/he drops a flaming skull. And that player has to drop the skull off in one of the designated locations, which periodically moves. But if that player is killed before they drop off the skull s/he drops the skull s/he was carrying plus their own skull. That means a player can carry multiple skulls to drop off. If a player drops off ten skulls at once that’s a Skullamonjaro and an instant win. Another one of the modes is Stockpile. It is a new version of neutral flag only instead of one flag there are multiple flags. The player takes the flag to their base but the points will only count is if the flag or flags are in the teams scoring area once the countdown reaches 0. This gets teams chances to capture multiple flags at once or steal flags from the other team. One other mode is Invasion, a multi stage tiered battle. This battle is Elites vs Spartans (as it should be). The objective is for the Elites to steal a data core from the Spartans, but to do so the Elites have to open two gates and gain access to the data core. Once one gates falls more loadouts more weapons and vechiles.

At the time of typing this there have a been three maps released to play, a fourth should be available soon. The map Powerhouse is an outdoor map on the surface of the planet of Reach, this map reminds me a bit of High Ground with a wall separating a human base and the wilderness, Swordbase is a indoor map devised of three levels, this is a very vertical map which makes the jet pack very useful on this map when you want to get around fast like on objective based games. The third is Boneyard, a large map with a huge human base on one side. Boneyard is only played on the new Invasion mode.

I really like the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, playing this beta makes me want to go out and pre-oder the game. The problems I have with the game is that the pistol is way over powered, in my opinion it shouldn’t outpower the DMR but it does. The only other problem I have is that Invasion is way too short. The last problem I have is not with the game or Bungie but Infinity Ward, the web tracking is the coolest and best i’ve ever seen and to add to it it’s instant. As soon as a game is over you can hop online and see the stats of the game you just played less than a minute ago added to your own personal stats. I know that Infinity Ward is tracking all this information why won’t they let us see it. I recommend getting Reach when it comes out if your a fan of FPS just from playing this beta.

Deadliest Warrior

I write this review while finishing up my marathon of SPIKE TV’s Deadliest Warrior. As a Geek I have always thought about Ninja vs Pirate, Samurai Vs. Knight, and other variations. This show answers so many of those questions. Using Science they take two warriors and they measure how lethal each weapon can be as well as any defense the warrior might have. It is truly entertaining to watch these warrior’s weapons be tested. When the testing is done they input all the data in a computer program that gives results on who will win. The end of the show is a battle between the two warriors to reveal the winner. There are many shows that test out weapons, but this show is by far my favorite since it puts two warriors against each other. Some of my favorites were Pirate Vs Knight, Irish Republican Army(IRA) Vs Taliban, and SWAT vs. GSG 9. The show has recently started its 2nd season. Its on SPIKE TV frequently so DVR owners can truly catch up fairly quick. I would truly say this is a must watch show for any geek. I would strongly recommend this show. With that said I am truly looking forward to the XBLA game to come out. If you have already watched it before then leave a comment. I’d be curious to hear what you think.

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Super Street Fighter IV

Well got a chance to play SSFIV some more today.  Here are my thoughts on this game so far with the limited amount of time that I have had with it. The game seems much more balanced from character to character which is a huge plus. Playing ranked games have been a mixed bag. Sometimes it works flawlessly without any lag and other times it is unplayable. I have a pretty good connection but I need more time to know for sure if it is Comcast or the game. Also as of now my defense is way  below average; meaning I am sucking(I hate sucking in fighting games). With a good amount of new characters I need to put in some more time to learn all the moves and how to defend against them. The bottom line here is SSFIV for $40 is a steal I only wish I would not have purchased the first game because now that has officially become a $60 paper weight. Anyone who would like to play add me to your friends list my gamertag is theprophet209. If enough interest is there I would like to set up gamenights on the weekends.

Pax East Swag Bag Contest

In Honor of our New Site we are extending our contest.

Following the rules below are ways to get entered in our Contest for a Special bag from PAX EAST with a bunch of special surprises in them. The Prizes in the bag will remain a surprise.We might mention a few things on the show or twitter.
1)Leaving an iTunes review gets you 1 entry into the contest
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4)Contest will Run till June 6th and we will pull one random entry(using to win our Big PAX EAST Swag Bag

Episode 8-Buffy Talk

This episode we are joined by Scarfinger to discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We mainly discuss the Television show and touched on season 8 that is in comic book form.We try to start at season 1 and go in order but soon find out thats not possible. We talk about our favorite characters,episodes, and moments in the show.