Not your father’s Christmas music – Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Seven years ago I was introduced to a new way to listen to Christmas music. I was invited to see a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert.

Since that first concert I’ve managed to not miss a single year of their Winter Tour through Nashville. For the past few years I’ve gone on my own but had the advantage of being to afford a single floor seat rather than a less expensive seat in the risers. The last two years they’ve allowed photography and I’ve taken full advantage of that, totally loving capturing the show in digital photos.

But every year I get asked the same question: “Why do you pay so much for a ticket? It’s just an orchestra.”

My response is always incredulous. It’s so much more than just an orchestra. Even without seeing a single show you can hear on their albums (both the Christmas and non-Christmas ones) how different they are from a regular orchestra. I love classical music. I adore it, I grew up with it, I play it on flute and it never gets old for me. I also have a love of rock, of wailing guitars and of amazing guitar solos.

Now imagine the two combined.


(photo by Elf)

TSO manages to bring new life to songs that we’re so used to hearing in other, more traditional ways. Seriously, this really is the only Christmas music I can listen to at any time during the year and still smile and enjoy it. Their non-Christmas albums (“Beethoven’s Last Night” and “Night Castle”) are brilliant as well and totally break out some of my favorite classical pieces and put a new spin on them.

But even that might not explain why I spend over $50 for a single floor seat each year.

That is perhaps best explained in the photos I’ve taken. They capture single moments of an absolutely breathtaking show. No matter where I’ve sat for the show, it’s been amazing (though I’ll admit the floor seats are pretty wonderful for photo taking) and I’ve never failed to scream myself hoarse by the end of the night. Even if you’re not big into Christmas music, you should give them a listen and then check out the show when it passes through your neighborhood.

After all, when you have hot men playing electric guitars while wearing tuxes and headbanging…it’s no longer “just an orchestra”.

It’s an experience. 

(this post brought to you by Elf who adores Trans-Siberian Orchestra possibly a bit too much)


(photo by Elf)