Episode 26-VGA Commentary(Fixed)

Due to a mistake the recent post of episode 26 was uploaded with episode 25. This new post has the correct episode 26. Below is the same post previously and the new episode 26 will be available on iTunes, Zune and on this post. We are sorry for the mistake.

We are back for a very special and unique episode. This episode it is just William with a few guests We have Mongobaer¬†from Gaming Unlimited hosting this mash-up episode. We recommend you check out Gaming Unlimited over at The Daily Gamepad. ¬†We also have Dark__DJ and iFester. This episode we all watched the Spike VGA Show and gave our impressions as it happened. We apologize if it doesn’t translate well. We tried to inform the audience with what was going on at the moment. We do hope you enjoy. We again ask that you leave feedback on iTunes, send an email toTheGeeksFTW@gmail.com , on Facebook, or call our new Voiceline at 1-347-GeekFTW(433-5389).