Episode 42- The Answer to Life

We are back for the ultimate podcast that is Episode 42. Unfortunately we do not discuss or talk about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy because some of the crew haven’t read the book or even watched the movie. We know. Its a Geek Fail, but nonetheless we have a fantastic show filled with geeky goodness. Once again be sure to pick up our android app.The android App includes special bonus content that can only be found on the android app or you can tune in to our live show. Show notes with links will be below. We really want to know what you think of this episode so please let us know your thoughts. You can leave feedback on iTunes, Zune, Twitter, Facebook, send email to TheGeeksFTW@gmail.com , call our voiceline at 1-347-GeekFTW(433-5389) , or leave a comment below. And remember we are still looking for writers and guest hosts so if you are interested than please contact us. We hope you enjoy!