Pax East 2016- Necropolis


I will start out by saying I didn’t get a chance to actually play this game. I was in a private media demo of the game and we ran out of time before I could get a chance to try the game out. My impressions will be from watching a friend play the demo.

The game looks beautiful. The art style is simple yet elegant. The dungeon environment is very dark and it makes to colors pop. I really like the art and feel that it will age really well in the future.


The game is third-person action game with rouge-lite dungeon delving that is hardcore. If you die then you will have to start over. There are very few things that will carry over game to game. The best part of it is you are able to play with 3 other friends so if you are typically bad at these type of games(like I am) then you have other players to help you out.


The game includes crafting, items you can pickup from enemies, and combat skills with available upgrades. There seemed to be certain weapon types like swords that have electricity and fire elements that are shown when you initiate a heavy attack. The attack seemed a little slow, but nothing too bad.


The gameplay looked good. There didn’t seem to be any major issues regarding frame rate issues. There seemed to be no major glitching issues either. There was only a small issue where an enemy got caught on the side of some stairs while you were on the platform above, but that quickly corrected itself after 10 seconds or so.


Overall I am really looking forward to this game. I’ve always been a little afraid of the rouge-like games, and this looks like a great entry point into the genre. I will try to review it when it releases this summer for PC and Consoles. Price will be $30 and so far it looks to be well worth it. I plan to report more on this game as news releases.