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Pax South 2016- Tiny Build Interview


We have another quick interview with the people at Tiny Build.

Windows 10 day 10 Cent Sale!


First off I apologize for not posting this sooner. This sale has been going on for a couple days but should last all of this upcoming week. There are a wide variety off Games(with Xbox Achievements), Music, Apps, and video rentals on sale. The price is a single dime. That is right, you can buy a game or rent a movie for 10 cents. The only catch is you must have Windows 10, but since Win 10 is free for anyone with Win 7 or newer that shouldn’t be a problem. Just open up the App store and you should start to see the content that is on sale. I will provide links for some of the noteworthy content for 10 cents below:sale

Movie Rentals (Only on sale for 11/22/2015 new deals every day)

These rental price is only good for today, but you have 14 days to watch and 24 hours from when you press play to finish.

Games (A few games with xbox achievement points)

These games seem to be available for the entire sale. There is also music and other apps on sale too but for sake of time and space on this article, I will not be posting those.


Review: Destiny: The Taken King


Score: 9 out of 10

Bungie released Destiny on September 9th 2014. Since its release there has been a roller-coaster of opinions on the state of the game. Some people stopped playing the game soon after release, some people continued playing with the 2 expansions that released in “Year One” of Destiny, some have never left(myself included) and some are just now jumping in the game. Destiny is tackling new territories in the console world. The Taken King kicks off “Year Two” of Destiny and fixes a lot of issues from “Year One”.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-30-04


One of the biggest criticisms of Destiny is the story or lack of story. There were so many questions and few answers. The Taken King gives us an interesting story that connects to a former Raid Boss that we had in Year One of Destiny. We get a few cut-scenes, a lot of dialogue that is given before, during and after missions, and of course Grimoire Cards that are available on their website. There is a lot of very fascinating conversations from characters that until now have only had glimpses of their personalities from short one lines in the tower. It was a lot more satisfying playing through missions and feeling like you are involved in the world of Destiny.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-39-45

The Taken King introduces an entirely new playable area called The Dreadnaught. This is the enormous ship of Oryx(the main antagonist). The Dreadnaught includes patrol missions, events that are player triggered, and more. The Court of Oryx is an event that requires a player to place a rune(item that can be acquired various ways) and then face one out of a few different mini boss fights. There are 3 tiers. The first tier is one mini boss. The second tier is 2 mini bosses at once. The third tier is a unique boss that is specific to that week. Most of the mini boss fights have certain mechanics to follow that prevent you from just team shooting the boss. This type of event is to encourage you to work as a team with not only your fireteam, but with other players in your area.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 03-29-33


Weapons are a huge factor of this game. Shooting is everything and the weapons truly matter. They have left behind most Year One Weapons, but they are still relevant in Year One Content and regular crucible (Competitive Multi-player). They have re-balanced the weapons with Year 2. Year one had a lot of weapons that were overpowered and made the game a bit annoying for some people. Exotic weapons are the top tier of weapons in Destiny. There are some you can buy or get as drops, but there are a lot that are tied to Quests.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 05-08-24


Quests are multi part missions that lead to a reward. The reward could be experience points, armor upgrade, weapon upgrade, type of currency, or, as mentioned previously, an exotic weapon. There are various Quests in Destiny. When you complete the main story of The Taken King it continues with a variety of quests. Quests can be as simple as killing enemies with certain weapons or completing new missions that open up just for that particular quests. When you complete one part of a Quest it will unlock another part. The amount of quests can add up and be a bit overwhelming at times, but it adds more play time to the game as well as give some pretty cool rewards.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 03-26-46


Crucible is the competitive multi-player mode for Destiny. The Taken King has added a couple new modes as well as maps. Rift is a capture and deliver mode that relies on you to work as a team to capture the rift and ignite it at your enemies’ spawn point. Mayhem mode is a mode where all abilities cooldowns are greatly reduced. This means that you get more grenades, more melees, and your Super recharges faster. Things can get pretty crazy in this mode. Another mode added is Zone Control. This differs from regular control with controlling the points matters over kills. In the previous control mode(which is still available) Kills matter a lot and if your team gets enough kills they don’t have to worry about capturing and controlling the points. Last point for Crucible is the Mercy rule. This will end the match if one team is winning by a huge lead. This will keep players from struggling in a match where people keep quitting on their team and they are stuck losing till the final point is scored or time runs out.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-02 06-22-07


End game content is very important to a game like Destiny. Quests help with that, but the Raid is another huge piece of End Game Content that keeps gamers playing Destiny each and every week. The raid takes place where the main story ends. It takes place on the Dreadnaught and consists of 4 different Boss Fights, 2 mechanic driven missions, a few jumping puzzles and a small maze to get through. Overall The King’s Fall Raid is fun and is designed to make your fireteam work together. This requires you to have a team of 6 players. There is a normal mode that suggests a Light Level of 290 and a Hard Mode that suggests a Light Level of 310. I have found the Hard Mode to be playable around 303-305. The last fight with Oryx is where a light level of 309-311 would be required for most people to play through it without tons of difficulties. They have announced there will be challenge modes with this raid. The raid is the best way to get high level gear. Normal Mode drops 300-310 light level gear and Hard Mode drops 310-320 light level gear.



Overall I feel like Destiny: The Taken King is a huge improvement to Destiny. $60 gets you all of Year One and The Taken King content. It is hard to beat that value if you haven’t picked it up. They continue to support the game with patches, bug fixes, special events, and promises of more to come. This review only scratches the surface of what Destiny: The Taken King has to offer. If you are looking for a game to sink a lot of time into then I would suggest picking up Destiny: The Taken King.

SteelSeries IntroducesThe Siberia 200


SteelSeries Answers Siberia Headset Demand From Gamers Worldwide, Introducing The Siberia 200 and The Ambassadors Who Inspired The New Headset Colors

The Tournament-Darling and Award-Winning Headset is Back, Now in a Variety of Vibrant, Gamer-Inspired Colors


CHICAGO – October 20, 2015 – SteelSeries, the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, brings back the most sought-after Siberia v2 gaming headset with refreshed features, an updated name, and in a variety of colors inspired by top-professional gamers. The SteelSeries Siberia 200 gaming headset brings next-level audio, microphone quality and unsurpassed comfort in a collection of colors that celebrate eSports.


The seven unique Siberia 200 headset color combinations are inspired by the passion and personal-style of top professional streamers and eSports athletes, hand-picked by SteelSeries. SteelSeries will release original videos about each of the ambassadors and the Siberia 200 color that was motivated by their profession, personality and individuality.


“After discontinuing the Siberia v2, gamers worldwide have demanded its return – we’re excited to announce that those demands have been answered with the Siberia 200. Refreshing and bringing this headset back to market celebrates a headset with a proven track record of success and delivers exactly what gamers really want,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries CEO. “The community played such an integral roll in this headset refresh, which meant the color choices we were going to offer needed to be deeply connected to influential gaming personalities – that’s where our Ambassadors came in. We’re thrilled to be able to bring meaningful color combinations and their stories to gamers.”


Gamer-Inspired Colors

While the decision to bring back the Siberia v2, now named the Siberia 200, was based on the feedback of eSports players, streamers and gamers from around the globe, SteelSeries wanted to deliver improvements and new choices as well. The 7 unique colors options were inspired by the personalities and styles of the new SteelSeries Ambassadors: Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan Syed, Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, Kevin “Broken” Georges, Kellsie “KayPea” Pelling, and Edwin “Castro” Castro. In the coming weeks, SteelSeries will release their stories, provide a glimpse into their worlds, and share what inspires the “true colors” behind this roster of talented and dedicated gamers.


Next-Level Audio Features

The acoustically tuned audio creates realistic immersive sound that pumps out of the headset’s 50mm speaker drivers. Gamers have volume and mic mute controls on a discreet, in-line remote.  The durable, retractable unidirectional microphone outputs vibrant and clear voice audio so your teammates, opponents, streams and friends can hear every word. The included 3.5mm, 4-pole adapter provides compatibility for PC, Mac and mobile use.


Proven Comfort

The Siberia headset line is synonymous lasting comfort – unmatched by any other gaming peripherals brand. For years, gamers around the world have trusted the comfort of Siberia headsets at competitive events, neighborhood LANs, to some of the largest eSports tournaments. The self-adjusting, over-the-head suspension system keeps the weight of the headset balanced, while the leather-like ear cushions softly rest around the ear.


The Siberia 200 Gaming Headset is available now – select colors options are available for pre-order as well on for $79.99 / €79.99 MSRP –


Show Your Colors Contest

The Siberia headset colors are designed to meet the unique tastes of different gamers. To celebrate the introduction of the Siberia 200, SteelSeries is launching a contest that embraces this diversity. Open to everyone around the globe on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Show Your Colors campaign asks gamers to show-off their true colors and share what makes them awesomely original. The three-week long event will award more than 75 winners including a grand prize; more details can be found at


About SteelSeries
SteelSeries is a gaming brand that leads the market in building peripherals with quality, innovation and purpose. The company’s passion has been the driving force behind many first-to-market innovations and technologies that continue to become the industry standard and have-to-have requirements of gamers. The global brand continues to support the growth of competitive gaming tournaments and electronic sports leagues through professional team sponsorships, partnerships and community support. The company surrounds itself with the passion and the commitment to being the best. It is with this mentality that SteelSeries chooses to partner with some of world’s most respected and recognized brands that work together to push the growth and evolution of the gaming industry into an even greater proposition SteelSeries on social media for the latest updates at and be a part of the conversation on Twitter @SteelSeries.



Score: 9 out of 10

Many of us remember the first time we played through Portal. It was an amazing Puzzle-Platformer. The Puzzles made you stop and felt so rewarding when you finally figured it out. We have seen many games that have tried to copy that feeling. Q.U.B.E is one of those games and it succeeds where most fall short.

Q.U.B.E. stands for Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion. The Game is a first-person puzzle-platformer, and is very similar to Portal, but different enough to where it isn’t a clone or knock-off. Q.U.B.E is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and priced at $9.99. It is published and developed by Toxic Games and Headup Games.


The story is interesting. You are an astronaut with memory loss. Your only communication is from a woman at the international space station. Your communication gets interfered with when she get out of range due to orbit. This leaves you alone to figure out the next few puzzles until you are able to hear back from her to feed you more information to progress the story. She informs you that you are Earth’s only hope. You must solve the puzzles to get through to stop from crashing into Earth.


The different mechanics for the puzzles are colored differently for each mechanic of the game. A few examples are Red is 1 block that can be pulled out of or pushed into the wall/floor. Another one is Yellow that is 3 blocks that turn into stairs for one to climb. The Yellow block stairs can be formed either way depending on where you hover your cursor when using your ability to interact with the blocks. The Blue block turns into a trampoline when you push it into the wall/floor. There are several other colors and mechanics to the game that create the solution to the puzzles in the game. The one tiny flaw I have is that the movement seems a little sluggish and that can cause frustration because some puzzles involve precise timing in order to solve.


Conclusion: Overall the game is fantastic. The story is interesting enough to keep you paying attention. The puzzles reward you with a satisfied sense of accomplishment. The price of $9.99 is a sweet spot for this type of game, and gives you way more value then the cost. If you are a fan of Puzzle Games then you will not regret picking up Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut

ZombiU will hit Xbox One, PS4, and PC as ZOMBI in August


Ubisoft announces the Zombie Game for  Wii U will be ported over to Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The release date will be August 18. They claim the game has been optimized for the new consoles and their better hardware. Below is the trailer they have released. What do you think of this? Are you excited to play the recently Wii U exclusive?


Blood Bowl 2 Trailer and Release Date


Below is the Press Release for Blood Bowl 2 and the trailer is below that. I am excited about this game and wanted to share with you the latest news.

Blood Bowl 2: the Dark Elves’ tricks & treats,
in a gameplay video!

After revealing more details with its Overview Trailer, Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to the video game adaptation of Games Workshop‘s famous board game that combines American football with the fantasy world ofWarhammer, today exposes the match philosophy of the Dark Elves!

Evil beyond belief, skilled without doubt, the Dark Elves take to the pitch to show the world their superiority. Dark Elf teams prefer a malevolent and spiteful running game over the passing of their goodly cousins. Backed up by the ruthless Witch Elves and dangerous assassins, a Dark Elf team has all the tools to power through rather than around any opposition line. Dark Elves are very agile, and each of their players is a potential thrower, catcher and more importantly, scorer. However, while they like to get up-close and personal on the pitch, they are definitely not the most resilient Blood Bowl players, and replacing a player who suffered an “accidental death” will cost you…

Blood Bowl 2 is currently available for pre-order, with a bonus, one of two additional races (the Wood Elves or the Lizardmen). Players who pre-order the game on Steam will also receive access to the Multiplayer Beta of the game, which will start a few weeks before release. Click here for more info. 

Blood Bowl 2 will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 22.


Quest of Dungeons Coming to Xbox One


Quest of Dungeons is coming to Xbox One on September 4th via ID@Xbox self-publishing program.

Release date: 4 September 2015
Genre : RPG, Adventure, Rogue-like
Platform : Xbox One
Developer: Upfall Studios

Quest of Dungeons is a turn based dungeon crawler game featuring a good old 16-bit retro artistic look.
An unspecific evil Dark Lord has stolen all the light, so your mission is to enter his lair and defeat him.
By playing as either a Warrior, a Wizard, a Assassin or a Shaman you have to traverse dungeons, defeat enemies and loot everything you can in order to survive.
The dungeons layout is procedural so you won’t find items/enemies in the same place each time you play.





The physics puzzle favourite special edition hits Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 this July


Prague, Czech Republic 15TH July 2015 Grip Games, publisher of shooter smash  hit Tower of Guns, have finalised the console release dates for the much-anticipated ultimate edition of the physics puzzler connoisseur’s favourite: Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut.


Q.U.B.E. launches on both PlayStation 3 and 4 in the US on 21 July, with the rest of the world following on 22 July, and will be available globally on Xbox One on 24 July. The WiiU version will follow in August. The price will be €$9.99 on all formats. On the PSN, the game supports cross-buy – purchasing Q.U.B.E on PS3 or PS4 gives you an instant free download on both consoles.


In Q.U.B.E (‘Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion’), you awake in a mystery-packed spaceship, your only hope being the clever manipulation of a collection of physics-bending blocks, to discover all the secrets of the ship, and find your way home. In addition to the existing first-person platforming challenges, 3D jigsaws, bonus pick-ups and myriad of hurdles combining precision, logic and quick reactions, this new edition adds exclusive new levels including Against The Qlock, with time trials to win you a place on the scoreboard for friends all around the universe to applaud – or challenge!


A cross-platform hit on its original release, Q.U.B.E has been expanded and enriched in this all-new edition published by Grip Games and masterminded by original developers Toxic Games, who brought in award-winning industry legend Rob Yescombe, writer for Crysis 2 and Alien: Isolation, and actors Rupert Evans and Rachel Robinson, to bring a whole new level of immersion to Q.U.B.E’s mystery-filled narrative.


Grip Games’ Jakub Mikyska said, “Everyone who became immersed in Q.U.B.E on its first release will be glad to return to face the all-new challenges, while gamers who have yet to experience the mysteries of Q.U.B.E have a treat in store.”

21 July PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (US)

22 July PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 (Europe, Australia, Middle-East, Africa)

24 July Xbox One, globally

August WiiU

Price: €$9.99

Review: Mega Coin Squad (Xbox One)


Score: 8 out of 10

The earliest game I can remember playing involved a Plumber trying to save a princess and collecting coins along the way. There is something satisfying about collecting coins, ring, or whatever the point based items are for the game. If you like the collecting aspect of these classic platforming games then Mega Coin Squad is for you.


Mega Coin Squad is the first console game by developers Big Pixel Studios and Published by Adult Swim Games. Mega Coin Squad is a platforming coin collecting game that is fast paced. The world map is comparable to the Super Mario Bros world map. There are 4 worlds and 4 levels in each world. Grass, desert, ice, and lava are the different worlds.The first 3 levels are based on collecting a certain amount of coins. The 4th level is surviving rounds of enemies.


The goal is to collect coins and deposit them in the giant piggy bank in the level. There are other objectives that allow you to get Power Ups at the end of the level. The three objectives are collecting under a certain time per level, collecting all the coins in one bank or deposit, and not losing any lives. Each objective completed gives you a chance to hit a rotating block of different Power Ups that will strengthen your character for future play.


There are a variety of characters to choose from. They all have different stats. There are 5 characters to start off with and you can unlock a 6th that is Robot Unicorn. You unlock the Robot Unicorn by completing all levels with a character. There are achievements that focus on passing levels and completing the game with different characters. There are also a few revolved around total coins banked, time and objective based.


Mega Coins Squad is a fun but challenging game. It is available on Xbox One for $14.99. It can get pretty touch and will take time to master. This game has a lot of replay-ability with the different character, attainable achievements, and level objectives. There is a 4-Player local co-op mode, but I was unable to try this out. Overall I would recommend checking this game out if you are looking for something to play in between AAA games or looking to increase your gamerscore.