“Beetlejuice bothered your dog…” – The animated Beetlejuice

There are times when I realize how much of a kid I still am. And there are many times when I realize how all my friends are still kids like me. (I mean, a NYE party where we watched old Saturday Morning Cartoons from midnight until 8pm the next day?) Last night it hit me again that I don’t think I’ll ever really grow up…all because of one thing I was watching…

Beetlejuice Cartoon

Beetlejuice Cartoon

If you’re my age (around 30) then you probably had the joy of watching the cartoon Beetlejuice on Saturday mornings for a few seasons when you were younger. It’s also quite possible that you haven’t seen any of those old episodes since you were a kid. (it ran from 1989-1991) Not many of the original episodes were ever released on VHS (only about 7 tapes with most of the first season) but there were 3 episodes released on the 20th anniversary dvd of the movie.

Well, I ended up watching some of those old episodes last night and found myself cracking up once again. I can remember enjoying them when I was a kid and I’m extremely happy to find that year later I don’t think they’re cheesy or stupid. Instead the humor (which is often very literal humor) is still just as hilarious. For example, when Beetlejuice says he’s lost his head, he really does lose his head…and often it gets into plenty of trouble without the rest of him.

Other than the humor there is still plenty to love about the cartoon. My personal favorite thing about it might be the voice acting. Stephen Ouimette is the voice of Beetlejuice and I swear, he sounds dead on like Michael Keaton. It’s rather uncanny. The other voice actors in the show are just as wonderful and not a single one seems out of place. (Imitating the voice of the skeletons in the closet has become one of my favorite things to do at random moments.)

So if you’re looking for a cartoon from your childhood (again, if you’re around my age) that you can still enjoy as an adult go dig up some of the VHS tapes or that dvd of the movie. Then grab some friends and enjoy.

“Though I know I should be wary
Still I venture someplace scary
Ghostly haunting I turn loose.
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!!!!!!!”