Weird Al’s new album rocks my geeky world

Weird Al - Alpocalypse

photo via Amazon

For those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles (like me) the wait is over! Weird Al’s new album, “Alpocalypse”, is available for purchase. Needless to say I was already nabbing the mp3 album on Amazon first thing this morning thanks to their $4 deal on it. My morning commute to work was filled with the happy sounds of new and awesome songs and parodies from one of my favorite performers. In case you’re wondering if the album is worth the purchase, let me give you my opinion.

The songs on this album had me nearly in tears with laughter while trying to navigate morning traffic in Nashville. One of the songs, “Craigslist”, reminded me of how accurate the song “E-bay” had been. After all, I’m a frequent Craigslist troller, always looking for new things. For those of you who always loved the song “One More Minute” on this album you’ll probably fall in love with “Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me”. Though the subject is different and fresh, the feel is the same and brings back great memories.

What can I say about “Perform this Way”? I’ve already listened to it three times today. And I know I’ll be listening to it again on my way home. It’s just that good.

The entire album is full of awesome gems to sing along to and there’s even a new polka medley! And if you ever laughed at Chris Walken’s version of “Poker Face” you’ll crack up at Weird Al’s quick version of it in the beginning of “Polka Face”.

I’m not sure how long the Amazon $4 mp3 album sale will last but if you were unsure about nabbing it, hesistate no longer! It’s worth every penny. And once you have it, let me know what you think and what your is your favorite song from the album!