TMNT Crossed With Power Rangers But Look Like Wolverine. Thanks Japan.


Back in 1996 someone in over at TV Tokyo decided that there needed to be a two episode OVA based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but not just the TMNT that we know. The first OVA, called Sūpā Tātoruzu Dai Pinchi! Seinto Tōjō! (The Great Crisis of the Super Turtles! The Saint Appears!), was based on the Super Mutants toy line. Which happens to look a bit like a sick (the ill kind of sick) Wolverine.

vlcsnap-2012-09-23-20h26m28s66_zpsca32036eThe second OVA, called Shugo Jū Kōrin Metaru Tātoruzu Tōjō! (The Coming of the Guardian Beasts – The Metal Turtles Appears!), was based on the Metal Mutants toy line. Which look like the Turtles wearing Gundam armor. Both of these OVAs can be found in the VHS tape called Myūtanto Tātoruzu Chōjin Densetsu Hen and that translates to Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend. No joke.

If I can find these episodes I might do a review.


Super Mutant Toy


Metal Mutant Toy


Source: Turtlepedia