The GeeksFTW – Episode 154

This week Stuart and William talk about the new Everquest games, Fez II, and Doritos Locos Tacos.

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Show Notes

    1. Fish vs. Beer (Neogaf thread that contains what “Blowfish” actually said)

    2. Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Gamescom Event

    3. Dota 2 Tournament Prize Nears $3 Million Thanks To Gamers

    4. Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer trailer


    6. Two Astounding New EverQuest Games Are Coming

    7. Cliff Bleszinski Pens Open Letter to Phil Fish, Fez Creator

    8. Xbox Enforcement United is Microsoft’s new player-run police squad

    9. Minecon 2013 tickets on sale tonight at 7PM Eastern

    10. Nintendo to enable eShop game purchases via PCs and smartphones

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