Super Street Fighter IV

Well got a chance to play SSFIV some more today.  Here are my thoughts on this game so far with the limited amount of time that I have had with it. The game seems much more balanced from character to character which is a huge plus. Playing ranked games have been a mixed bag. Sometimes it works flawlessly without any lag and other times it is unplayable. I have a pretty good connection but I need more time to know for sure if it is Comcast or the game. Also as of now my defense is way  below average; meaning I am sucking(I hate sucking in fighting games). With a good amount of new characters I need to put in some more time to learn all the moves and how to defend against them. The bottom line here is SSFIV for $40 is a steal I only wish I would not have purchased the first game because now that has officially become a $60 paper weight. Anyone who would like to play add me to your friends list my gamertag is theprophet209. If enough interest is there I would like to set up gamenights on the weekends.